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Little Ted is big on bravery

We profile one of the top contenders in our #Wunderdogs competition

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23 July 2015 / by National Accident Helpline Communications / community-news

A dog from Somerset is flying the flag for the nation’s #Wunderdogs, who are being highlighted in our latest competition.

Sarah Sloot, 38, entered her beagle Little Ted into the #Wunderdogs competition, which aims to highlight responsible dog ownership and is being run by National Accident Helpline in partnership with vet charity PDSA.

In spite of a very difficult start in life, Sarah explains that Little Ted is her ‘wunderdog’ as he never grumbles and is always loving and affectionate.


Sarah says: “Little Ted is only one year old, but what an eventful life he has had so far!

“We got him last summer when he was nine weeks old and, within four days, he was taken ill very suddenly when he couldn’t urinate.

“We rushed him to our vets, who were brilliant. They catheterised him and x-rayed him. They discovered some very large stones in his bladder.

“Realising he needed specialist help, they referred us to Langford Animal Hospital, who admitted him straight away. He was operated on the next day and, four days later, he finally came home.

“I must say, the service we got from Langford’s was world class. After two weeks of antibiotics, he was finally getting back to being a normal (hard work) puppy.”


But the worst was not over for poor Little Ted, who was soon to be diagnosed with an even more serious condition.

“Just before Christmas,” says Sarah, “Ted was taken ill very suddenly again. Given his previous history, our vets referred him straight back to Langford’s again. After several tests, including a spinal tap, he was diagnosed with steroid responsive meningitis.

“Three days later, he came home, dosed up to the eyeballs with strong steroids. The steroids had several side effects, including being excessively thirsty and hungry. He was scavenging food, including the top layer of my mother-in-law’s lasagne as she sat at the table eating it!

“It was a very sad time for us as it also made him very withdrawn and he didn't want to be near us. It took three months to slowly wean him off the steroids with trips to the vets every two weeks for blood tests. But he was so patient, and never grumbled.”

Sarah is thankful that Little Ted came through the hard times and is now back to his usual self.

“We feel very lucky that he is still here today,” she says. “He is a typical beagle and he has a big personality; bonkers, stubborn and there is never a dull moment in our house.


“He is also great with other dogs, loves the company of people and he is very sweet and gentle with kids. He is definitely our ‘wunderdog’.”

National Accident Helpline will donate £1 for every #Wunderdogs entry. Visit our competition page to enter your dog.

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