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National Accident Helpline’s Underdog makes a comeback to the screen to challenge the perceived barriers to making a claim

National Accident Helpline unveils its latest television advert which seeks to address concerns that making a claim is a difficult process to navigate.

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31 March 2014 / company-announcements

National Accident Helpline, the UK’s leading provider of personal injury advice, services and support, today unveils its latest television advert which seeks to address concerns that making a claim is a difficult process to navigate, reminding the audience that they are here to help people get the compensation they deserve.

The 30-second advert features the popular Underdog character created by Aardman Animations expressing a desire to seek compensation for his accident before being surrounded by vast swathes of red tape, with a booming voice speaking above him to “have some red tape”.

Underdog swiftly remembers that National Accident Helpline can help with all sorts of injuries and will provide him with simple, clear advice which will cut through the red tape.

The advert, which will air on 31 March, seeks to build consumer confidence to act on an accident they may have suffered and seek compensation.

Advertising agency The Gate devised the advert, which features comic actor and presenter Joe Pasquale as the voice of the Underdog. Brian Blessed returns as the voice of the unseen corporate entity throwing ‘red tape’ obstacles in his path.

National Accident Helpline and Aardman Animations are currently partnering on a competition inviting entrants to submit a short animated film on the theme of ‘Success Against the Odds’. For further information visit this page.

Beth Powell, Consumer Director at National Accident Helpline, said:

“We are thrilled with this latest advert which conveys in a simple, visually arresting way that consumers don’t need to be daunted by the prospect of making a claim. We know that people often fear that the legal process involved with making a claim will be complicated and complex. Our 21 years in business demonstrates our expertise and heritage and our legally trained advisors make the procedure simple and transparent. Cutting through jargon and simplifying the legal process is at the core of what we do, and that’s the message we’re keen to put across with this advert.”

Aardman Animations’ Executive Producer, Heather Wright, said:

“The idea of being swamped in red tape is familiar to us all and the imagery in the advert helps to visualise the feelings of frustration that can happen when faced with dealing with a faceless entity. The strong monochromatic art direction with red spot colour and the mix of 2D and 3D techniques, make it very different from everything else we do and give our artists the opportunity to work on a project that sings creativity.”

You can view our brand new ad right here

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