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Industry News: National Accident Helpline response to Kenneth Clarke's announcement on possible no win no fee reforms

Sam Porteous, Chief Executive, National Accident Helpline speaks out against Kenneth Clarke announcement on possible no win no fee reforms. Hear what she has to say.

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28 March 2011 / personal-injury-news

Quote from Sam Porteous, Chief Executive, National Accident Helpline: “Accident victims are frequently the underdog and have often suffered a dreadful injury through no fault of their own. They come to us desperate for someone to fight on their side and are frightened by a process that they are not familiar with. Research carried out last year showed us that only 6% of the UK understands their rights in terms of personal injury claims.

“That is why we are concerned by any proposals which threaten to squeeze out people’s right to seek redress for injuries that were inflicted on them by someone else.

“Ken Clarke says that he wants to protect the rights of the injured. But we believe that a basic principle of justice is that those who have been injured through no fault of their own have full access to legal representation and receive full restitution for their injury.

“The damages secured by injury victims are needed to pay for basic living costs and rehabilitation. Surely it is wrong to say that an injury victim should lose some of their damages to pay for the legal support they need to secure money that is theirs by right.

“Defendant behaviour is a far greater factor in increased costs and delays in this area but we are yet to see any measures put forward to deal with this. The Government needs to take a balanced approach to any reforms in this area.

“The Government has ignored the fact that legal costs are fixed in more than 75% of cases and have reduced significantly over the last year following the introduction of a streamlined claims process.

“It is wrong to force accident victims, who so often have complex injuries, to fight for their rights alone in the small claims court.

“Everyone is deserving of legal protection, and we call on the Government to remember that.”


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