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Katie suffered with appendicitis which went undiagnosed for 17 days. We hear from Katie and her mum, Julie, about what they went through and how we were able to help.

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Mrs T from Lancashire won a case against her employer

I was attacked during the course of my duties at work. I was so shocked and upset I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t sure if I could claim as it was against the employer and I was only working for them on a temporary basis. It all seemed so daunting. It was a very hard choice to make. Thankfully, a colleague recommended National Accident Helpline to me so I called them and they put me in contact with a no win no fee solicitor.

Initially, I wasn’t sure if I had a claim. However, what happened to me had a huge impact upon my life and I didn’t want anyone else to go through what I had gone through. After having the law and ‘no win no fee’ explained to me I realised it was my right to make a claim – what happened to me was not my fault. I was entitled to receive compensation. After I received my compensation, I was able to make a few changes in my life which is helping me with my recovery. If I had been asked to pay any money up-front to the solicitor, there is no way I would have made a claim. I just could not have done it. I had no money to pay a solicitor.

Mr. W’s wrist fracture was missed, leading to permanent damage. He was awarded £200,000

In 2004, Mr. W slipped on a kerb and fell onto his outstretched right arm. He went to A&E where his wrist was x-rayed, and was told that he had sprained his wrist. He was told to return to hospital 10 days later, when the x-ray was reviewed and again, no fracture was reported.

Valerie Hawthorne, Lincolnshire, won £8,500

I suffered a series of falls – about four over the course of two years – while at work on a slippery path that my employer continually failed to grit, damaging my lower back and elbow in such a way that means I will require treatment for the rest of my life. I called National Accident Helpline and they explained everything clearly. I was passed through to the solicitor firm straight away, kept updated on the progress of my case throughout and they were always available to answer any questions I had.

John Lord from Barnsley was awarded £1,000 on behalf of his daughter, Emma, following an accident in a high street store

My wife and daughter were out shopping in a high street store. They were at the check-out when my daughter suddenly burst into tears and said her foot was hurting. When they left the shop my wife discovered a large security tag left on the shop floor had pierced Emma’s shoe and cut into her foot. She was only 9 years old and was very distressed. I contacted the store and they were terrible – they said they’d call to check how Emma was doing, but they didn’t bother. They sent her a £20 gift card but there was no apology. I was so upset with them I decided to contact National Accident Helpline. I was put on to a solicitor and within months they accepted full responsibility and Emma was awarded £1,000 in compensation which she has in a trust fund. I’m glad I made the claim and it’s good that my daughter’s got some money to help her in later life, perhaps when she’s at University, but to be honest a sorry from them would have been enough.

It would probably have made a difference if I hadn’t been able to claim under no win no fee because I’m awaiting an operation and am unable to work. I wouldn’t have had the money to make a claim.

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