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Meet some of the people we've helped over our 25 years

Meet Ben

Injuries affect everything you do. Your work, your hobbies and how you choose to spend your free time.

Ben’s injury was caused by an accident at work. It stopped him being able to get out of bed and left him unable to go to work. It meant he didn’t know where the money for his bills was going to come from.

But above everything, Ben’s injury stopped him being able to do the thing he loves the most – bodyboarding. His injury took away his hobby and his peace of mind.


Ben's customer story

And in fact, his injury still holds him back to this day.

To us, that feels wrong.

And it felt wrong to Ben too – that’s why he got in contact with us to help him make it right.

Imagine a fridge freezer falling on your chest because you weren’t supplied the right lifting equipment. The result of the fall, meaning that you can’t get out of bed without support. That you can’t do the things you love. To us, that feels wrong. And it did to Ben too.

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Teusday’s story

Accidents don’t just affect the person who was injured, they affect their families too. Like Teusday’s accident that meant her family life changed.

Unable to stand, Teusday couldn’t play with her children, take them to the park or even cook for them. Instead, she had to watch them play, while she recovered.

Teusday's customer story

When your family’s the most important thing, imagine not being able to enjoy life with them.

Teusday knew her accident was unfair.

Teusday’s injury stopped her from being able to cook and spend time with her family – the two things she loves to do the most. We used our 25 years’ experience to help her start a claim.

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Kevin’s accident

Kevin fractured his ankle working nights. His injury stopped him earning but it also meant he was stuck at home with his leg in plaster and not outdoors where he loves to be.

Kevin’s accident caused financial pressure. But most of all it caused him to feel depressed.

Kevin knew he needed to do something about his accident, so he spoke to us to find out how we could help.

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Katie's story

Julie, Katie’s mum, contacted us about Katie’s medical negligence case. Katie’s appendix had burst and had gone unnoticed. Fearing long-term consequences, Julie and Katie contacted us to help make it right.

Our advice is always free and always impartial. So when Katie and her mum needed our help, we were there to help them make it right.

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