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Office Accidents

If you've been injured in your office, you might be able to claim compensation.

Have you been injured in an office accident?

While we might consider offices to be safe working environments, they can pose certain hazards. If you’ve been injured in an office accident, we can help you find out if you’re eligible for compensation.

As with all personal injury claims, if your employer has failed in their duty to comply with safety regulations and you were injured as a result, you may be able to claim.

Was your employer negligent?

Along with factories, construction sites and all work other working environments, offices are subject to health and safety legislation. This puts duties on employers to make sure that offices are safe for employees. Your employer has to make sure that your workplace complies with all relevant health and safety regulations.

Employers have a responsibility to take precautions to stop office accidents happening in the first place. These precautions could include ensuring leads and wires are tidy and not straying across walkways, as well as making wrist rests available to reduce the risk of sustaining a repetitive strain injury from using a computer keyboard incorrectly.

Your employer will also be required to train you on any risks and how to avoid getting injured in your office. If they have failed to provide suitable training this may support your claim for office accident compensation.

Solicitor Laura Nabozny talks about how making a claim can help you if you’ve experienced an accident at work


What caused your office accident?

If you’ve suffered from an office injury, it is worth investigating whether you can claim for office injury compensation – in particular if the injury has caused you to take time off work and lose out on earnings.

Office workers are not exposed to the same kinds of risks as those working in factories and construction sites. But we understand that offices have their own set of hazards.

If you’ve experienced an injury in your office, you might recognise one or more of these injury and accident types:

  • Repetitive strain injury – Bad ergonomic planning in the office can lead to this long term injury, usually caused by typing. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the more common forms of this injury to occur in an office environment
  • Tripping over – Trailing wires not tidied up correctly or other walkway obstacles can lead to a trip
  • Slipping over – Wet floors and icy courtyards that haven’t been gritted can cause considerable injury, even broken bones, if someone slips on them
  • Electric shocks – Usually caused as a result of faulty equipment and untested electronics, electric shocks can lead to particularly nasty injuries
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning – This can occur if there are broken appliances that burn fuel, such as gas boilers. Usually, the gas is disposed of safely, but leaks can occur which poison those in the vicinity
  • Back injuries – If a job involves lifting heavy boxes or other weighty objects, employees should be fully instructed on how to lift properly. If that hasn’t happened, and they’re injured while lifting a heavy object, the employer is at fault

Claiming compensation following your office injury

If you’ve been injured in an office accident, you shouldn’t be afraid to make a claim for injury compensation against your employer. Employers are required by law to have insurance to cover them for compensation claims.

It’s also important to know that, by law, your employment cannot be terminated as a result of you making an office accident claim. This would amount to ‘unfair dismissal’ and would leave your employer open to further legal action.

Remember – by making an office injury claim, you may prevent the same accident happening to someone else in your office in the future.

Our friendly legal advisors will be happy to talk through your office accident claim. If you are thinking of claiming, or even if you just want advice, give us a call on 0800 540 4258  , fill in our online claim form or let us call you back.

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