I was so worried at the time, but when they said they were happy to help me, it took a massive weight off my shoulders

Kevin’s story

Kevin’s injury happened while working on the roads at night.

He wasn’t supplied with the right lighting for him to be able to work safely and so one night he turned his ankle on a curb, causing an ankle fracture and a lengthy recovery.

Because of his injury, Kevin was forced to take seven weeks off work with minimal pay. This put him under financial strain as he struggled to keep up with his bills and made him worry about supporting his family.

He was also stuck inside while he recovered, which as a lover of the outdoors and a keen fisher, affected his happiness.

Kevin knew he needed to do something about his accident, so he spoke to us to find out how we could help. We were able to put Kevin in contact with a specialist, no win no fee solicitor who handled his case from start to finish.

They took me very seriously. They were very sympathetic and it was very easy talking to them.

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