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Claims in Derby


We helped almost 6,500 people claim compensation from Derby between 2006 and 2013.

With a population of over 250,000, it's not surprising that claims from Derby make up a large number of the claimants that National Accident Helpline have helped.

  What kind of compensation claims are made in Derby?

  • Since 2006, claims made from Derby have increased by 27%. The majority of these claims are, unsurprisingly, road traffic accidents.
  • Despite almost a third of all claims are from the road, only 7% are bicycle accidents, which differs from the trend in other cities around the UK.
  • Also differing from the general trend, Medical Negligence Claims only make up for 8% of all claims made in Derby. Of these 8% however, a third of these are operational problem claims. Operation problems, also known as surgery claims, can be made if you have suffered nerve damage, excessive scarring or swelling. Find out more about negligence injuries you can claim for.

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