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Whatever your injury, you can expect the same risk-free, no win no fee service from our solicitors in Manchester.

We know accident claims in Manchester

We have 22  years’ experience working with personal injury and accident claims. That’s 22  years’ of helping people like you get the compensation and advice they deserve. 

Last year, we helped over 2,000 Mancunians find out if they can claim compensation for their accidents.

As the National Accident Helpline, we’re best placed to give you advice on making a claim for personal injury. We'll use our experience of compensation claims to help us give you the best advice. 

All about our specialist solicitors

We have a network of specialist solicitors across the UK and Manchester, who have experience working with accident claims like yours. 

We’ll only pass on your details to one of our solicitors with your permission, and if we think you have a claim. That means there’s no obligation to actually pursue a claim when you get in contact with us. 

It also means that when you contact us, you have none of the stress of choosing the right solicitor for your claim, because we’ll do it for you. 

As part of claiming with us, we’re also able to put you in contact with an expert physiotherapist

If your solicitor thinks you need to see a physiotherapist, they’ll set up the appointment for you, or pass on your details to them so they can speak to you directly. 

They’ll then arrange your appointment at a location that is convenient for you; this could be somewhere close to your home or work. 

Find out about our rehabilitation service and how we may be able to help you.

Free medical assessments

We also invite everybody who claims with us to a free medical assessment with a General Medical Council registered doctor.

This appointment is nothing to worry about. Your assessment allows your solicitor to collect further information about your injury to support your compensation claim. 

Scott Darling, the Chief Medical Officer of Premex Group, talks through the process of having a medical assessment following a personal injury claim.

Accidents in Manchester

Manchester is known as the Rainy City, so we found it surprising that the most frequent accident type in Manchester that we dealt with were road traffic accidents, and not slips, trips or falls, in 2015. 

27% of all claims we worked with from Manchester last year were road traffic accidents, including cyclist accidents.

If you know somebody who has been injured on Manchester’s roads, because of poor conditions or an accident caused by someone else, we’re able to give them free advice about making a claim. They can contact us for free on 0800 376 01500800 376 0150 .

Our work in Manchester

Our undergraduate winner of Future Legal Mind 2015, completed a work experience placement at Colemans-ctts, a legal firm with an office based in Manchester.

Future Legal Mind is a national award created to recognise and nurture future legal talent.  

You can read about our 2015 winner, Amy Loughery’s, experience at Colemans-ctts in Manchester here

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If you need more information on how we can help you with your accident or injury, then get in touch today by calling  0800 376 01500800 376 0150 . Alternatively, fill in the short form below and we'll give you a call back. There's absolutely no obligation to talk to a solicitor, so if you'd just like help or need to talk, get in touch and chat with one of our friendly service advisors today.

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Stats based on National Accident Helpline data