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If you've suffered an orthopaedic injury after being involved in an accident that wasn't your fault, we could help you make a claim.

If you've suffered an orthopaedic injury after being involved in an accident, we know this can have a devastating impact on your daily life. Injuries to your joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves or bones can be serious conditions that require proper medical care and attention.

But if you've experienced complications after being wrongly treated or misdiagnosed, this can have on-going consequences for you and your family. You expect surgery to fix your injury, not make it worse. So when a medical professional tells you something's gone wrong, you understandably feel shocked and overwhelmed.

We realise it can be difficult to talk about your experience and put your trust in someone to fight your corner. We're not here to pressure you into making a claim. We'll treat your situation with the respect and sensitivity it deserves.

Receiving compensation won't reverse your suffering, but it will help you get your life back on track and give you the support you need.

If you feel ready to share your experience with us, we're ready to listen. Please get in touch on  .

While many orthopaedic procedures are considered routine operations today, the reality is complications can and do arise. The surgeon assessing your situation should have adequate experience and understand the full nature of your injury.

If you receive substandard care at diagnosis, during or after your operation you could face lifelong difficulties. Your quality of life can be significantly impaired meaning you could be entitled to make an orthopaedic injury claim.

There are many circumstances where you may be eligible for compensation as a result of medical negligence.

If you've received improper care like the examples shown below, you can make a claim today.

  • Undiagnosed, delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of fractures
  • Delayed diagnosis or mistreatment of post-operative infections
  • Surgical errors
  • Nerve, tendon or ligament damage
  • Joint replacement surgery errors
  • Unnecessary surgery on a broken bone
  • Incorrect joint replacement or prothesis size

If your injury isn't listed but you're still worried you've been wrongly treated, you could still be eligible. Get in touch and we'll be there to listen and help as much as we can.

Orthopaedic surgery negligence can severely affect your social, family and working life. Daily pain and discomfort can be debilitating. And if that injury is someone else's fault, your life shouldn't have to be put on hold.

You may no longer be able to attend social events or perform simple activities such as cooking a family meal. Your once loved hobbies and interests may be too painful to enjoy. You may also be unable to work facing a drastic loss in earnings. As these changes can affect all aspects of your life, you may be left with emotional and mental distress as a result.

Making an orthopaedic injury claim can help reduce the physical, emotional and financial burden to you and your family. If a family member is taking time off work to help care for you at home, you're losing yet more money. Claiming compensation will not only cover expenses for your rehabilitation, it will reimburse your past and future losses to your household's income.

By making a claim, you'll also help medical practices be more mindful when approaching future patients. Every claim encourages medical professionals to assess their procedures and prevent similar situations from happening again. You might just save another person from the same experience.

We know you don't need any added stress or pressure after an already traumatic situation. Orthopaedic injuries can turn your world upside down. We get that. We strive to give you strength when you're feeling most vulnerable. Which is why your circumstances will always be treated with compassion and backed by expertise.

To start your claim, you should contact a member of our helpful team to share your experience. If after hearing your encounter the advisor feels you can make an orthopaedic injury claim, they will offer some initial advice and talk you through the claims process.

We treat each claim individually. The compensation you could receive is specific to you and your case. So although we can't give you an exact figure on your initial call, there will be a specialist solicitor on hand to give an estimated sum for your compensation.

Don't be afraid to ask us questions, no matter how insignificant they may seem. We're here to put you at ease and give you confidence when you need it most. We know what compensation can mean for your future. We care deeply to give you the best outcomes so you can get back to being you again.

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