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Amputation and Loss of Limb Claims

We’ll use our experience working with serious injury claims to help you get the compensation you deserve.

How we can help you

As the UK’s most trusted personal injury specialists, we can help you find out if you can claim following an accident or injury that wasn’t your fault. But more importantly, we can listen to your experience, answer all of your questions and give you free and impartial advice about claiming compensation.

We don’t believe anybody should have to suffer an injury in an accident that wasn’t their fault, or through medical negligence, and be left uncompensated for the physical, mental and financial repercussions.

When negligence of whatever kind causes a life-changing injury such as an amputation or loss of limb, we truly believe you should be entitled to free advice about how to claim compensation - that’s why we’re here.

If you’re ready to speak to somebody about your injury, or about an incident that’s injured somebody close to you, please call us for free today on 0800 376 01500800 376 0150 .

Our legally trained advisors will be able to let you know how we can help you and give you the advice you need based on your experience. 

Our reviews

Read a handful of the reviews we’ve received in our 22  years’ working with personal injury claims. During our time we’ve helped thousands of people make successful compensation claims for their injuries and helped millions get the advice they need. 

  How much can you claim for an amputation injury?  

We understand the anxiety an injury can cause, especially if you have been left unable to work or with adaptations to your home, medical expenses, prosthetic and physiotherapy expenses or the cost of counselling.

We wish we could tell you how much your claim might be worth when you first contact us, but as your compensation is completely unique to you, we simply cannot say how much your final settlement will be worth at that stage.

As the value of your potential settlement can be a deciding factor on whether you make a claim, we’ve created an industry-leading compensation calculator that you can use to find out an approximate value of your claim. And remember, because we believe that everybody who’s suffered in a no-fault accident deserves compensation, your claim will be handled on a no win no fee basis.

What your compensation can cover

Settlements for amputations can be among the most substantial we handle, given the serious impact such an injury has on your life and the potential impact on your earning capacity. When you start your claim with us your specialist solicitor will negotiate on your behalf to get you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. They’ll also let you know as soon as they can how much your settlement is likely to be.

As part of their negotiations they’ll consider the impact your injury has had on: 

Your ability to work and loss of earnings

Your injury may have left you unable to work for the rest of your life, or caused you to have a period of time off work to fully recover. Either way your solicitor will consider the loss of earnings you have suffered because of your accident and any future loss of earnings you might suffer and negotiate to have this fully compensated. 

Rehabilitation and medical expenses

You may need regular medical treatment or physiotherapy, or have repeat or life-time prescriptions as a result of your accident. You shouldn’t be left covering the cost of this, because the cause of your accident wasn’t your fault. Expenses such as this can be covered by your final settlement and will be considered by your specialist solicitor. 

Adaptations to your life

In the most serious of cases, you may need to have adaptations made to your home or car. We understand that this can be traumatic for you and your family and while we may not have first-hand experience of how this feels, we promise that your solicitor will do everything they can to make sure you’re not left out of pocket because of these adaptations.  

It may also be the case that you are no longer able to drive yourself about, or are completely dependent on loved ones to help you travel. If that’s the case then this is consider an adaptation to your life and you could receive compensation for the mileage accumulated by your loved ones or the cost to you to travel. 

Loss of amenity

After your accident you may have been left unable to continue your spare time activities or take up a hobby you’d been hoping to do. If that’s the case your solicitor will consider this within your compensation claim because we believe when you suffer a life-changing injury the whole impact should be compensated. Especially when that impact of your injury affects your psychological health and happiness. 

Care needed and given

If after your accident you’ve been cared for by a loved one, or by a paid professional, you can recover the cost of this care.

We know that many family members selflessly give care following serious accidents because they love you and would never think of leaving you without the care and attention you need.

However, their care still has a financial value in the eyes of the law because their care may have stopped them earning, or cost them in travel and time. That’s why your solicitor will consider this when working on your compensation claim so that it can be included in your final settlement.

If you’d like to find out more about what is considered when a solicitor negotiates your compensation you can contact us for free on 0800 376 01500800 376 0150 .

Making an amputation injury claim

The last thing we want you to feel about claiming your compensation is stressed or confused. We don’t want people to be put off getting the financial aid they deserve because the process is complicated.

Starting an amputation injury claim with us is simple. The first step is getting in contact on 0800 376 01500800 376 0150 , or allowing us to contact you by providing your name and telephone number in one of our call back forms.

When we speak, we’ll talk about your injury and ask for some details about your experience and the type of accident you suffered. We don’t need exact details at this point, so if you don’t have the specific date of your accident or the name of any medical treatments you’ve received, don’t worry! Our chat is about getting you the advice you need and fully understanding whether we can help you.

During our call, if we think you have a claim, we’ll let you know and ask for your permission to transfer you to one of our specialist solicitors who will let you know how they can help. There’s no pressure to speak to a specialist, but your chat with them will be free.

Accidents leading to loss of limb injuries 

Although amputation injuries can happen as a result of many accidents, they can occur as a result of road traffic accidents or accidents at work where dangerous machinery has not been maintained for example. 

We can talk through the accident that caused your amputation on 0800 376 01500800 376 0150  for free. We know that sometimes accidents can happen in the most unusual circumstances and your loss of limb may not have been caused by a road accident or accident at work. If that’s the case it’s likely we can still help you make a compensation claim. 

Amputations caused by medical negligence 

Medical malpractice can unfortunately be another cause of amputation or loss of limb injuries.

If this has happened to you, then firstly, we’re sorry to hear about your situation. Our dedicated page for amputation accidents that have been caused by medical negligence or surgery errors, contains all the information you need on starting a compensation claim for injuries resulting from medical negligence.

Alternatively, if you’d would simply like someone to talk to about your experience please call us on 0800 376 01500800 376 0150  for free. We’re here to listen.

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Claiming on behalf of a loved one

We know that many people reading this page may be reading with a loved one in mind; a loved one who has just suffered the loss of a limb. Whether you’re looking for advice on whether they should claim, or thinking of claiming on their behalf, we can help you.

We are able to help family and friends process a compensation claim on behalf of an accident victim. When you call us, we can talk through the process and let you know the information we need from you to be able to help you recover the compensation your loved one deserves. 

You may have other questions about making a serious injury or amputation claim. Our serious injury claims FAQs may be able to answer one of your questions or you can call us now 0800 376 01500800 376 0150  for advice.

Our no win no fee agreement

There’s no financial risk involved in making a claim with us, because all of our solicitor firms can handle your claim on a no win no fee basis. Quite simply this means if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t pay a penny towards the cost of claiming. So you don’t need to worry about unexpected costs or upfront fees.

If your claim is successful, you’ll have agreed a fee with your solicitor for their services and this will be taken from your compensation.

You can read more about no win no fee here.

For more information

The simplest way to get more information about making a claim is to contact us about your experience and compensation today by calling 0800 376 01500800 376 0150 . There’s absolutely no pressure to start a claim when you call us; you can simply get the advice you need and make a choice from there.

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