Carpal Tunnel Claims

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be a burden on your life. We understand, and we’re here to give you advice about making a claim.

A carpal tunnel injury can change your life

Suffering a carpal tunnel injury not only affects your daily activities such as work, typing, using phones and driving, but it also affects how you spend your free time. It can prevent some from reading, playing sport, gaming and often affects quality of sleep.

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome and think it was caused because of somebody else’s negligence or an accident that wasn’t your fault, then it’s likely we can help you make a claim for the impact, pain and numbness you’re experiencing.

We have over 20 years’ experience helping people to make personal injury claims, so we’ve seen how much of a difference compensation can make. The money you could receive could help to cover any expenses you’ve had to pay because of your injury, as well as any impacts on you and your family so that you can start to get things back to normal.

You can get in touch with our legally trained advisors on  0800 540 4258 for free, confidential advice. We’ll be able to let you know whether we think you can make a claim, but there are never any obligations when you get in touch with us.

Was somebody at fault for your Carpal Tunnel injury?

With carpal tunnel syndrome, it can often be difficult to tell if somebody is at fault for your injury because it’s usually caused by repetitive movements and your symptoms can be intermittent. We’re here to help you find out whether you can make a claim.

Because of the repetitive nature of some jobs, work related accidents are a common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Your employer has a duty to make sure you have the right equipment and training so you’re as safe as possible. They should follow health and safety regulations, including carrying out risk assessments to reduce the chance of injuries.

For example, if you work in an office they should make sure your workstation is set up so that you’re less likely to suffer from a carpal tunnel injury, and they can also give you training on how to avoid repetitive strain injury.

Any jobs which involve repeated pressure or bending of the wrist can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, such as people who work in factories and warehouses. Construction workers who regularly use vibrating tools or lift heavy objects are also at risk.

If your employer hasn’t followed health and safety regulations, then they’ve put you at risk. If you’ve been injured, then you could make a claim to help with your recovery and to make sure you’re not left out of pocket.

Find out more about making a work injury claim.

Accidents at work

Find out whether you could start a carpal tunnel syndrome claim

We realise you may be unsure whether you can start a carpal tunnel syndrome claim with us. The best way to find out is to get in touch for free on 0800 540 4258 . You’ll speak to one of our legally trained advisors who will be able to let you know whether they think you can make a claim.

If you don’t feel ready to speak to us yet, you can try our online claim checker which estimates whether you have a claim based on your answers to some simple questions.

As part of our promise to you, we’ll never push you into making a claim. All calls with us are obligation-free because our main aim is to give help and advice to anyone who has been injured in a no-fault accident.

If you do decide you’d like to go ahead with your claim, we can put you in touch with a specialist solicitor on the same call.

Your solicitor will answer any questions you have and can run you through the process to make sure you understand everything. Then they’ll get in touch with the other party and negotiate your compensation.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is caused by pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. This pressure is caused by swelling from repeated movements.

CTS causes numbness, pain or weakness in the hands and fingers, and sometimes a burning or tingling feeling. It may also cause pain that spreads up your arm, dry skin around your hands or fingers, swelling and skin pigment changes.

The symptoms usually go away on their own, but your doctor may also give you medication or wrist splints to try to speed up the recovery. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a few months for the symptoms to go away, and we know how much of an impact this can have on your life.

In some cases, you may need surgery to reduce the pressure on the nerve in your wrist by cutting the carpal ligament. This surgery is called ‘carpel tunnel release surgery’. Although this is usually successful, in very severe cases the symptoms can be permanent.

Why choose us?

Unlike many solicitor firms, we aim to make the claims process as simple and straightforward as possible.

We make sure you know exactly what to expect and choose a specialist solicitor to suit your case, so that you can get the full amount of compensation you’re entitled to.

Our no win no fee agreement means there’s no financial risk to making a claim as you won’t pay a penny if your case isn’t successful. We also protect you from upfront costs and hidden charges so you have one less thing to worry about.

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