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27 May, 2013/ by National Accident Helpline /News, Personal Injury News

2013 marks a major change in the way personal injury claims are funded, and National Accident Helpline, the UK's most experienced claims company, is warning members of the public to beware of companies offering what seems too good to be true.

The Government introduced changes to the way personal injury claims are funded on April the 1st this year.

One of the biggest changes is that now, successful claimants may not be able to recover all of their solicitor's fees from the losing side, and may have to cover any shortfall from the compensation they receive.

National Accident Helpline is warning anyone who is thinking of making a claim that there are a number of personal injury companies out there claiming to offer ‘no win no fee agreements' and ‘100% compensation' (meaning the claimant does not have to contribute towards their solicitor's fees from the compensation awarded), when in fact there could be hidden costs and charges.

National Accident Helpline wants to ensure that members of the public are made fully aware of all the ‘no win no fee' changes and the way the legal costs are calculated, and have created an infographic explaining the key changes that affect ‘no win no fee' claims. National Accident Helpline works with a specially selected national network of solicitor firms - all of which have re-stated their commitment to handling claims on a ‘no win no fee' basis, meaning that losing claimants don't have to pay a penny. They will also ensure that claimants have no upfront fees to pay, and are clear at the outset about any costs that will be deducted from their compensation should they win their case. It is National Accident Helpline's experience and stature within the personal injury sector that has made these arrangements possible.

For the last 20 years, National Accident Helpline has been a trusted name in the sector, and remains committed to providing access to justice and helping the underdog. The company champions consumer rights for people who have had accidents, helping those with genuine claims to seek compensation where they have been injured through no fault of their own.

Beth Powell, consumer director at National Accident Helpline said: "At National Accident Helpline we believe that everyone should get the representation they deserve. This commitment is as strong today as when we formed the company 20 years ago. We will continue to put the consumer at the very heart of our business and that's why we want to make it very clear from the outset about how the changes might affect them."


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