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After helping accident victims gain access to justice for years_since years, we understand the importance that you, the consumer, place on good customer service when choosing who you would like to represent you in your personal injury claim. We are very proud of our ability to provide you with an unparalleled service, so much so that we have teamed up with a third party review website that allows our customers to post their views and rate us on the service they received.

Below you can read reviews of recent customer experiences following their initial call with our team of legally trained advisors.

Mr Stevens, 28, Surrey, was awarded £4,980:

A car pulled out from a side road and hit me while I was on my motorbike. This left me with back pain and whiplash, a hospital visit and some time off work. I saw an advert online and phoned the number. The call centre staff explained the claims process to me clearly, and passed my enquiry to a local solicitor. The solicitor ensured that my case was handled in a straightforward way and I was very pleased that my compensation came through in six months.

Keiran Lang, Nottingham, won more than £4,350:

I was involved in a car accident, and injured my lower back and right shoulder, which meant I had to be off work for about four weeks. When I first called National Accident Helpline, the person who took my call was really helpful and sympathetic, and I was able to be put straight through to my solicitor - the whole transfer when smoothly. My solicitor was great, and she kept me informed throughout the whole process. If I had any questions they didn't hesitate to answer them. I felt safe claiming through National Accident Helpline and I've already recommended you to a friend.

Mr Davidson, Knotty Ash, was awarded £2,000:

I was sitting in my car at some traffic lights when a car went into the back of me, leaving me with whiplash. I looked on the internet for help and, after calling the number advertised, was referred to a local solicitor. The process was handled smoothly and efficiently and my compensation came through in six months.

Annabelle Dixon, South Yorkshire, received £1,275:

I was driving on a roundabout when another motorist pulled out and collided with the passenger side of my car. I injured my neck and it was also a strain on me mentally - to be honest it was the psychological impact that was the worst. When we first started the claims process the other party tried to deny liability, but my solicitor told me not to worry, they'd fight my case. I was delighted with the process and I couldn't have asked for anything more from National Accident Helpline.

Valerie Hawthorne, Lincolnshire, won £8,500:

I suffered a series of falls - about four over the course of two years - while at work on a slippery path that my employer continually failed to grit, damaging my lower back and elbow in such a way that means I will require treatment for the rest of my life. I called National Accident Helpline and they explained everything clearly. I was passed through to the solicitor firm straight away, kept updated on the progress of my case throughout and they were always available to answer any questions I had.

Mr Eaves, 42, Ammanford, received £3,400:

I had asked for a ladder at work to help with my job but was not provided with one. Not having a ladder led me to fall backwards and hurt my hand. The advisor who took my call spoke in jargon-free language, which I found very helpful. They put me in touch with a solicitor in my area, who made sure I knew what was happening and when. Not only did I get £3,400 compensation but my company is now taking notice of health and safety.

Jason Marsh, Mid Glamorgan, won over £2,000:

I work for a ceiling company but had to use a faulty ratchet that wasn't right for the job. As I was working, I fell and the ratchet hit me on the hand and caused a fracture. I went back to work after approximately about a week on light duties, but shortly afterwards I was laid off as it was a temporary role. After a period working elsewhere, the company where I had the accident phoned me and I'm now working back there. National Accident Helpline were very helpful and it was an easy process to follow.

Mr Peter Lees, 24, Allerton, won £2,000:

I had never claimed for anything before but, after badly cutting my fingers on defective equipment at work, I made a call. The advisor who answered my call was very helpful in taking me through how the process would work. They put me in touch with lawyers who were approachable and straightforward, and kept me regularly up-to-date.”

Mr Andrew Philips, Rotherham, received £6,000:

The local solicitors who handled my claim after an accident at the gym made sure I knew what was happening at every step of the way. The case was settled in my favour and I was very happy with the £6,000 compensation I received.

Amber Dengel, Middlesex, was awarded £1,950:

My council were running a Christmas festival in a local park and I was there as a part of the charity work I do. As we were setting up, I walked into a broken water mains access, causing me to fall.  I sustained tendon and ligament damage and had to be off work for a couple of months. The person who took my call was more than helpful, and I was called back by my solicitor within 10 minutes. Knowing that I had the support of National Accident Helpline and my solicitors made the whole process so much easier and less stressful for me - it all went pretty quickly.

Martina Southall, 41, Dyfed, won £1,200:

I slipped on a wet floor in a pub where there were no warning signs. I sprained my ankle so severely that I needed an ambulance. I then needed crutches, painkillers and two weeks off work. I made a call and the helpful advisor listened to my situation and took me through how the claim process works. The local solicitor they passed me on to kept me up to date and won £1,200 compensation for me eight months later.

The rules for making a small personal injury claim following a road traffic accident changed on 31st May 2021. The government introduced a tariff for whiplash claims linking compensation awards to the duration of the injury. They are designed to reduce the number and cost of exaggerated or fraudulent claims plus reduce motor insurance premiums for drivers. Read more about these changes and what they could potentially mean for you as a victim of a road traffic accident.