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How we can help with an industrial accident claim

Millions of us go to work every day to provide for our families, put our passions into practice and see friendly faces. Whether you are employed in an office environment or on a construction site, in a school or in a factory, you don't expect to experience an industrial accident at work that wasn't your fault. As well as the physical injuries you may have, you may find that your mental health, finances and even your relationships are affected as a result. 

Which is where we come in. We understand the impact industrial accidents can have on you, your loved ones and your life, which is why we strive to make our industrial accident compensation process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible, so you can get back to living your life. 

Our team of experienced industrial accident solicitors can help you make it right.

What is meant by an ‘industrial accident'?

Some jobs carry more risk than others - this is especially true of careers in construction, warehouse management and factories. If you were injured at work because of an employer's negligence, you may be entitled to industrial accident compensation. 

Industrial injuries can be anything from industrial deafnesschemical injuriesasbestosisvibration white finger, and carbon monoxide poisoning. We know that these types of injuries can have a long-lasting effect on your health and ability to work.

Why make an industrial accident claim?

Making an industrial accident claim after an accident can help with your recovery and can cover the financial expenses caused by your injury. Your industrial accident claim could also result in a safer working environment for both you and your colleagues, as it may highlight issues that weren't noticed before.

Please don't think you're alone in making an industrial accident claim against your workplace. In 2018/19 alone, over 89,000 people just like you sought industrial accident compensation against their employer. If you're still unsure whether you can make a claim, speak to us on . We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and we will never pressure you into starting a claim.

When we go to work, our expectation is that the company we work for has done everything to ensure we're safe. Unfortunately, however, industrial accidents can happen.

There are many health and safety policies that should be in place to protect you - but sometimes employers don't stick to these rules, which puts you at risk.

There are many ways an industrial accident can occur, such as:

  • Poor training - lack of appropriate training for any equipment such as chemicals and machines
  • No safety protection - employers have a responsibility to supply staff with ‘personal protective equipment', and failure to do so can cause accidents
  • Items left lying around - appropriate storage of items and general cleanliness are important. Slips, trips and falls can happen due to wet floors or falling over wires and boxes that haven't been stored properly, which can result in broken bones and sprains
  • Machine failure - electrical equipment is required by law to be PAT tested (frequency of testing depends on the item) and failure to do so can end in electric shock and other injuries
  • Vehicle accidents - improper training or maintenance on heavy duty vehicles such as forklift trucks can result in severe accidents
  • Lifting - being expected to carry heavy loads without training can cause painful injuries

As someone who loves the outdoors, Kevin struggled with being stuck at home after his injury. On top of this, taking time off work was putting him under financial pressure.With our  years' experience, we helped him make it right. Now he's back at work, and can go out fishing again. All calls featured in the video are real.

Kevin's story

As someone who loves the outdoors, Kevin struggled with being stuck at home after his injury. On top of this, taking time off work was putting him under financial pressure.

With our years_since years' experience, we helped him make it right. Now he's back at work, and can go out fishing again. All calls featured in the video are real.

Who is responsible for protecting workers against industrial accidents at work?

While we are all responsible for keeping ourselves safe from injuries at work, sometimes this is out of our control. Exposure to an industrial accident at work may be increased because of negligence in the workplace that is not your fault. 

By law, businesses have a responsibility to make sure you're kept as safe as possible at work and to report serious incidents under RIDDOR − Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations.

This means that it is the employer's responsibility to ensure that all measures have been put in place and that all safety guidelines are being practised, maintained and constantly reviewed. 

If you have suffered an industrial accident at work because your employer failed in their responsibility or was negligent in any area, your employer could be liable to pay industrial accident compensation.

Do I have to leave my job if I make an industrial accident claim?

Understandably, many people think that bringing an industrial accident claim against an employer will mean they can't work for them anymore. This is untrue. 

There are strict laws in place to make sure that if you make an industrial accident claim against your employer for an accident at work, you cannot be treated differently or dismissed for doing so. 

You may also be worried that claiming against your employer may put their business at risk due to court costs. However, all businesses must be covered by employers' liability insurance, so it's likely the company you work for has a safeguard for this exact situation.

Andrew was injured while cleaning machinery at work in a food preparation factory

I was washing a meat slicer from the production line when one of the blades slipped and cut my thumb. It got infected, so I was on antibiotics for a week and had to take time off work.

I had never made a claim before but I thought I would ring National Accident Helpline and see what happened. They were very friendly and helpful.

Andrew Welton, 41, from Cawston, Norfolk

How much industrial accident compensation will I receive?

Because no two cases are the same, it's not possible for us to tell you exactly how much you could receive before starting your claim. But to get a guideline figure, you can try our free compensation calculator.

We know that no amount of money can take away what you've been through, but we can help to make sure you and your family aren't left out of pocket because of your industrial accident

As a result of your injury, you may have been forced to take time off work. We understand that this puts you under financial pressure, which isn't fair while you're recovering; getting back on your feet can be hard enough as it is.

Our specialist industrial accident solicitors will take all the expenses of your injury into consideration when making a claim. They'll also consider the impact it's had on your social life, hobbies and family.

For free support and advice about whether you have a claim, get in touch with us on  or online via our live chat. We won't pressure you into moving forward if you don't want to.

How do I make an industrial accident claim?

We understand that you've been through a traumatic and potentially life-altering experience, which is why we aim to make the industrial accident compensation claims process as simple and stress-free as we can. All you need to do is give us a call on  or fill in our online claim form. We'll chat through what happened at your own pace and let you know if we think you could make a claim. Then it's your decision if you'd like to proceed or not - no pressure.

Is there an industrial accident claim time limit?

Yes, there is an industrial accident claim time limit. Typically, industrial accident claims must be made within three years of the accident or injury. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For instance, if you suffered a serious brain injury that meant you were unable to claim, you may have longer to start your claim case. Also, if you were under the age of 18 when the industrial accident occurred and your parents didn't make the claim for you, you have until your 21st birthday to claim.

Can I make a no win no fee industrial accident claim?

The majority of our industrial accident claims are no win no fee. This means that there is no financial risk for you, provided you take out the relevant insurance policies. Don't worry about this, though, as we can help you on that front as well and there is no upfront charge for this.

Once this is all in place, in the unlikely event that your industrial accident claim is unsuccessful, you won't have to pay anything at all. 

If your case is a success, a fixed percentage of your compensation amount will be paid to your lawyer as a fee. But rest assured, all fees will be agreed before you start the industrial accident claims process, and there will be no other hidden costs or charges.

Why choose National Accident Helpline's industrial accident solicitors?

For over years_since years we've been helping people like you receive industrial accident compensation following an accident at work. We have a team of experienced industrial accident solicitors waiting to help you, not to mention thousands of ‘Excellent' reviews on Trustpilot that showcase how we can help turn people's lives around following an industrial accident at work

To get the ball rolling, and see how we can help, simply fill in our callback form below, and one of our legally trained advisors will be in touch to see how we can help.