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We're committed to giving back

As a national company, we believe it's our responsibility to give back and support national and local charities and our surrounding community. That's why we have a number of initiatives and partnerships set up that allow us to raise money, give back and support causes we're passionate about.

Below is some information about the work we're doing this year to recognised charities and the community around us.

National Accident Helpline is delighted to be supporting the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance with fundraising and volunteering for the next year.  NAH staff are driven by their desire to make a difference and, having voted on a number of charity options, have decided that this is where they would like to concentrate their efforts.

At National Accident Helpline we know that accidents can happen to anyone at any time - and lives can be immeasurably changed as a result. When serious accidents happen on our roads every second counts, so we need to ensure that the Air Ambulance can always get to where they need to be - fast.

Our amazing team at National Accident Helpline will be taking on all kinds of challenges and fabulous fundraising activities to help keep the Air Ambulance helicopters flying! One day, someone we love might need them - please help us to ensure they're there.

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Helping Hands is a scheme in where we are offering 500 working hours to charities and organisations in Northamptonshire. The hours are given by our staff members here at National Accident Helpline and awarded to local organisations, based on an application.

We run helping hands because we're proud of our community and want to be an active part of Northamptonshire and applications are open now.

You can read more about our Helping Hands work here.

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We're proud to support The Paul Bush Foundation Trust, as part of its charitable partnership with NAHL Group.

The Trust provides support to those who have acquired a disability as a result of an accident or injury. Committed to improving their physical and emotional well-being, The Paul Bus Foundation Trust awards grants to those who are now living with a disability.

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