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Why make a claim for back injury compensation?

Anybody who has suffered from a back injury will know how painful, restricting and depressing it can be. Back injuries can stop you from being able to do the simplest of tasks and put a stop to your everyday life.

In some cases, the effects of a back injury can be permanent, but even when the injury isn't permanent, they can take time to recover from and leave you wondering if and when you'll suffer back pain again.

We've seen how much of a financial impact back injuries can have - long periods of time off work with lower pay can leave you struggling to keep up with bills, rent or mortgage payments, and other expenses can escalate quickly. To us, this feels wrong – but we can help you make it right.

If your injury was caused by somebody else, either by accident or negligence, then we're able to help you make a back injury claim. Because we work with a national panel of specialist solicitors, you'll be supported throughout your claim.

Get in touch with us for free, impartial advice on , or fill in our secure online form to arrange for us to call you back. We'll never rush or pressure you into making a claim – we're here to help you understand whether you could claim and to answer your questions.

No two cases are the same. We look at each case on an individual basis so we can decide the best way to help you and who's the most suitable solicitor for your claim.

Because of this, we can't tell you exactly how much compensation you can receive, but you can get an estimate by using our compensation calculator.

We'll work hard to make sure you get the full amount of compensation you're owed – your solicitor will take anything caused by your injury into consideration when putting together your case.

For example, they'll take into account:

  • Any medical treatment, medications costs, adaptations made to your home
  • Any care you've received, even if given for free by a family member
  • Lost earnings due to time off work
  • The effect your injury has had on your social life and hobbies
  • The wider effects on your family

Your compensation can't take away what you've been through, but it really can help you get as much of your independence back as possible.

More customer stories

With 26 years' experience, we've helped more people injured in accidents than any other claims company. We can help with a wide range of different back injuries. Some of these are listed below, but if yours isn't included, then please don't worry – it's likely we can still help you.

Strains, sprains and pulls

Back injuries often happen when you least expect them, such as while you're completing your day-to-day tasks at work.  Back strains, sprains or pulls are caused when the muscle is over-stretched or torn. This can cause severe lower back pain and difficulty moving or standing.

Lumbar spine trauma

Lumbar spine trauma can also be referred to as lower back pain. Although not the only reason for lower back pain, trauma to your lumbar spine is relatively common but can be incredibly uncomfortable.

Lumbar spine injuries can be categorised into four types:

  • A fracture – bone break or crack
  • A herniation – damage to or movement of the spinal discs
  • A sprain – damage or a tear to the supporting ligaments
  • A strain – muscular damage

Spinal injuries

Some back injuries can cause spinal cord damage, which can often result in a lasting nerve injury, phantom pain or life-long discomfort.

The spinal cord is the bundle of nerve fibres that travels down your spine. These nerves connect almost all parts of the body to the brain – damage to the spinal cord tissue can cause paralysis, loss of sensation, or incontinence.

Read more about our work with spinal injury claims.

Brachial plexus injury

Your brachial plexus is a network of nerves in your spine that sits somewhere in between your shoulder blades.

If this network of nerves gets damaged, it can cause an injury called brachial neuritis, also known as Parsonage Turner syndrome. The damage to your nerves can lead to feelings of numbness or tingling, as well as pain in the arms and hands.

Back injuries can often be caused by accidents at work. It's easy to blame yourself for an accident which happened in the workplace, but the reality is that your employer has a ‘duty of care' to keep you safe.

As part of this, they should make sure you have the correct training and equipment for you to be able to do your job safely. For example, if your job involves heavy lifting, you should have been trained how to do this safely.

It can often be difficult for you to tell whether a work accident was your fault – we're here to help you. Get in touch with us on for free, impartial advice and to find out whether you could make a claim.

If you're unsure whether you could make a back injury claim, you can get in touch with us for free on . Our legally trained advisors will listen to everything you have to say and will be able to tell you whether they think you have a claim.

First and foremost – we're here to offer advice. We'll never rush or pressure you into claiming.

If you do decide you'd like to go ahead, we can put you forward to one of our specialist solicitors. We take the hard work out of finding a solicitor so that you can focus on your recovery.

Your solicitor will be the point of contact throughout your claim – we monitor the standards of their service so you can be sure you'll receive the best possible service. They'll keep up to date and will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.