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Have you been injured on a construction or building site?

Construction sites can be an extremely dangerous place to work, which is why it's important that your employer upholds their duty to you to keep you as safe as possible while you're working.

In our years_since years' experience, we've seen how much of an impact a construction accident can have. We understand how painful, frustrating and isolating it can be, and we know that your injury probably had a financial impact.

Compensation can't take away the fact that you've been injured, but it can help you to get things back on track.

If you're thinking of making a claim or wondering whether you eligible for compensation you can contact our friendly and legally trained advisors on  for free advice. They'll be happy to answer any questions you have and they can let you know whether they think you have a claim.

When you contact us, there's also never any obligation to claim and your phone call is completely confidential.

We know it can be difficult to cope with the seen and unseen effects of an injury that wasn't your fault, so that's why our Legal Support Advisors (LSAs) are fully trained to help you through an emotional and important part of the recovery process.

How we approach sensitive calls

We know it can be difficult to cope with the seen and unseen effects of an injury that wasn't your fault, so that's why our Legal Support Advisors (LSAs) are fully trained to help you through an emotional and important part of the recovery process.

We know that you might be feeling like your accident was avoidable if you'd done something differently, or perhaps that accidents are just part of your job. But that's not always true.

Your employer and site manager have a responsibility, or a legal ‘duty of care', to make sure the construction site you work on is safe and that you're protected from avoidable accidents, as outlined by the Health and Safety Executive and the European Agency for Safety and Health at work.

Their responsibilities include providing you with the correct, suitable and up to date safety equipment and advice and adhering to any guidelines and regulations outlined by the Government; this includes the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

If your employer has failed to meet the standards outlined in any of the regulations protecting you, or has failed to provide you with safety equipment or the correct training, then it's likely your accident isn't your fault, and therefore you may be able to claim.

We know that you may be unsure as to whether you're eligible to claim, especially when you work on a construction site. You may never have been injured before, but we can help. We're able to provide free advice, with no obligation to start a claim. Just call us . If we think you have a claim, we'll let you know and you can decide what to do next.

The amount of compensation you could receive depends on the severity of your injury and the impact it has had on your life, your future and the lives of those around you.

We know that your injury may have caused you to have to take time off work, and this can be expensive and add more stress to your situation. In some extreme cases it may even jeopardise your mortgage, rented accommodation and savings.

When you make a claim this will be taken into account and your compensation will be negotiated to cover this financial loss and stress.

If your injuries are particularly severe or life changing, then you're likely to receive compensation to cover the impact your accident will have on your future. For example, if you're no longer able to work, or can only work on restricted hours then the long term financial impact of this will be considered.

Some other costs that may be considered if you've suffered a serious injury are:

  • The cost of care and support you might need
  • Adaptations to your home, care or daily routines
  • Compensation for your inability to continue spare time activities, for example if you played a sport
  • Any handicap your accident may have caused to your working life, such as lack of future job or educational opportunities

When you make a claim with us your solicitor works hard to get you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for your injury. They also consider whether your loved ones are entitled to compensation as part of your claim. For example, they may have cared for you during treatment and recovery. They could be compensated for their time, particularly when that care was given freely.

If you'd like an idea of how much your claim might be worth you can try our industry-leading compensation calculator here. Alternatively, you can call us on about your experience and we can help you take the next steps in securing compensation.

Construction site accidents can happen for many reasons. There are a huge number of hazards, and it's your employer's responsibility to ensure that you're kept as safe as possible in your workplace.

The following are some of the most common causes of construction site injuries such as:

Working without a break

Working while tired can be very dangerous on a construction site, particularly if you're responsible for operating heavy or dangerous machinery.

By law, you're entitled to regular breaks and your employer should be aware of this. Failing to take a break could cause you to become tired, which can then lead to accidents and injury, not only to yourself but to others too.

Find out more about the rest breaks you're entitled to at work here.

Faulty equipment

Faulty equipment is another common cause of injuries on construction sites. It's important that equipment is thoroughly tested for safety before use, as even a small defect could cause the equipment to be dangerous.

Equipment on a construction site includes everything you use to do your job, whether that be scaffolding, safety harnesses, ladders or machinery.

Again, it's your employer's responsibility to notice any faults, regularly inspect equipment and replace equipment when necessary.

Exposure to dangerous substances

Dangerous substances and chemicals are often present at construction sites, and they can cause serious health problems which may not become apparent until later in life. For example, asbestos can cause cancer and is potentially deadly.

If the proper safety precautions haven't been taken or you haven't been provided with the correct training or safety equipment to minimise the risks to your safety, then you may be able to claim compensation for your injury.

If the cause of your injury isn't in the list above, don't worry, there's still a good chance we'll be able to help you.

You can get in touch with our friendly advisors on . They'll be able to let you know whether they think you have a claim and can answer any questions you may have.