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Can you make a claim for someone else?

We know that when a loved one or friend has an accident your first priority is to make sure they're okay. Often this means making sure they're seen by a medical professional and cared for while they recover. In the long-term this can mean making sure they get the justice, advice and compensation they need following an accident that wasn't their fault.

We know that you love your friend or family member and it's great you're thinking of helping them take the first step towards financial compensation and support. If you're ready to speak to us about your loved one's experience and how we can help them then please call us for free on .

Your call with us is confidential and advisory, so you can be sure you'll be under no-obligation or pressure to start a claim. You can simply get advice for your loved one or friend.

What happens when you contact us

When you contact us you'll speak to one of our specialist advisors, who have gone through extensive training to make sure they're able to give you the advice you need.

All our advisors are trained to speak to both people who have been injured, as well as those close to them. Where possible, it is helpful if we can speak to the injured party just to confirm that you have their consent to speak on their behalf.

However, we do know that this may not always be possible and that in the most extreme cases, the injured party may be unable to speak or may not be able to understand why you are calling, or that you are seeking compensation on their behalf.

We genuinely want to help you and give you the advice you need. So, if your loved one, child or friend is unable to speak to us or be present throughout the legal process, we can still help and advise you on the next steps.

If during your call with us we think you have a claim, we'll let you know and ask if you'd like to speak to one of our experienced solicitor firms for free legal advice. You're under absolutely no pressure to agree to this, so if you'd prefer to not speak to a solicitor you can simply say no.

If you would like to speak to a solicitor, we'll try to transfer you on the same call, so that you don't have to worry about finding another time to speak to them.

Remember that your call with us is free, confidential and advisory, so please ask us any questions you have.

We know that life-changing injuries can leave those we love dependent on us. Their life has undoubtedly changed because of their accident or because they were a victim of medical negligence and, as a result, so has yours.

While we know you care for them out of love and often without thanks, you can sometimes be left feeling alone and worn out. We want you to know that you're not alone and using our years' of experience we're here to help you and provide an opportunity for you to speak to somebody.

We understand that you may be feeling anxious about yours and your loved one's future, and worrying about the impact of this catastrophic injury on your family, your home and your finances. These are all justified worries but by speaking to us and allowing us to listen to your experience, we can help you get the financial support and compensation you need to rebuild both of your futures.

If you're ready to speak to somebody, we're ready to listen. If you call , we can give you free advice about compensation, your experience and making a claim today in a no-obligation, confidential chat.

If a loved one recently passed away because of an accident or negligence, we have advice dedicated to helping those come to terms with the loss of a loved one and how to make a claim. Please visit our fatal accidents page or call us today on  to discuss how we can help.

Instant support with an immediate needs assessment

Part of the service our solicitors offer is an immediate needs assessment.

An immediate needs assessment is the process of securing you and your loved one an interim payment to make sure your covered for anything you need immediately. This could be ensuring you have a hotel near the hospital where your loved one is staying, or making sure that your travel costs are covered.

Immediate needs assessments are typically only done in the more serious cases, where you need to dedicate your time to your family, rather than thinking about logistics such as travel, supportive equipment or aids, or in some cases, care.

Where an immediate needs assessment is required, our solicitors contact the party responsible for the accident or negligence and negotiate to make sure you're not out of pocket or left unable to afford something you really need.

The injury that your loved one has suffered does not need to be a life-changing injury for us to be able to help.

There are some other circumstances where we can discuss your family member or friend's experience with you, for example:

When there's a language barrier

If you're calling on behalf of somebody who's first language is not English, and they would struggle to talk about their experience, then we can speak to you about their claim. We would need their permission where possible so we recommend having the person who has been injured somewhere nearby so that we can speak to them if we need to.

When there's a pre-existing condition that affects decision making

If the individual you are contacting us about has a pre-existing condition that means they are unable to make decisions by themselves, or to fully understand what the legal process of making a claim will mean, then we can speak to you on their behalf.

This is because of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, which is a Government legislation designed to protect, restore and increase accessibility to vulnerable parties.

Some pre-existing conditions that may fall under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 are:

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 may also apply to individuals who may have suffered a brain injury and have been left unable to make decisions for themselves.

If you believe your loved one has a condition that is protected by the Mental Capacity Act 2005, please contact us for free to find out how we can help you on .

If you'd like to know more about our work with serious injuries and what a serious injury is, then please visit our serious injuries FAQ page here.

We know that injuries to children and new-borns are hugely distressing. Seeing your child suffer is one of the hardest things for a parent to experience, especially if it's due to the negligence of a medical professional, such as a midwife, doctor or nurse. If you or your child has been injured during birth, then it's very important to get the right legal advice and support.

Contacting us can help get the financial help that your child needs following an accident, giving them support throughout the rest of their life.

It's very likely you'll have lots of questions you need answering about making a claim on behalf of a child. We have a dedicated page for advice on how to make a claim on behalf of a child, which we hope will help answer some of your questions.

But you can also call us confidentially on   and speak to our specialist team of advisors who can give you the answers and advice you need.

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There are really no limits to what your compensation can support you and your family with. In fact, after your claim is completed the final settlement amount you are awarded is there for you to use how you think is best and most appropriate for your lives.

This may be using the compensation to adapt your home so that it is more accessible for your family member, or using it to buy support equipment such as a wheelchair, hoist or prosthetic limb, so that you can continue your daily lives with as much ease as possible.

You may also choose to use the compensation you're awarded to seek further medical treatment, such as a private medical consultation, physiotherapy or for repeated prescription costs.

In most cases we work with, there has been a loss of earnings as a result of you and your loved one having to take time off work to provide care and recover. Where this has happened, many of the families we've worked with use their compensation to help gain back financial stability and ease any money worries they have.

Our no win no fee agreement is there to protect you from unforeseen costs and legal charges should your case be unsuccessful. Quite simply, if we don't win, then you don't pay for our solicitor's services.

If your case is successful, you'll have agreed a fee with your solicitor for their services before you start your claim - so there'll be no surprises, or unexpected costs.

We simply can't stress enough that you are under no obligation when you contact us to start your claim; we're simply here to give you the advice and answers you need.

In fact, we're proud of the work we do advising people who have genuinely suffered an unfair or life-changing injury. So whether your loved one has suffered an injury and you think they should claim, or they've suffered a serious injury and need support, we're here to help.

Please complete one of our forms and we'll call you back as soon as we can to discuss your experience. Or you can contact us for free on . And don't worry, your data is safe with us - we promise never to pass it on to anybody without your permission.