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Ever wondered how much you could be rewarded for your injury? Or even if it’s possible to claim? National Accident Helpline have specialised in injury compensation for over two decades; just this year, they have helped over 130,000 people who were injured through no fault of their own. We’ve collected together some of the most moving case studies of people who have recovered after claiming compensation against those who caused or contributed towards their injury. Below, you can read more about their accidents, and how the compensation they received helped them take steps towards recovery.You may also be inspired to make a claim of your own, and be one of our very own success stories.


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After being hit by a car at 35mph, Toni received £140,000 in compensation

Toni’s life was turned upside down when she was unexpectedly hit by an uninsured driver who mounted the kerb at 35mph and knocked her down, leaving her with several years of operations and a debilitating recovery process. Despite the fact that the uninsured driver was only fined £100, National Accident Helpline helped Toni receive £140,000 in compensation to cover her future needs.

Claims against uninsured drivers, or hit and run incidents where the offender is untraceable, are always possible. In these instances, the compensation is paid for by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), so you have access to the justice you deserve.

Read Toni's full story, or more road accident success stories, or if you have been in a similar accident, claim now.

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An incident involving public transport left Janet with £12,500 compensation

When a car collided with the bus Janet was travelling on, she was dramatically flung out of her seat, resulting in a severely damaged finger and an inability to continue life independently. “A local solicitor was with me every step of the way and made sure everything was handled right. I didn’t need to go to court and got £12,500”

Remember, 95% of National Accident Helpline claims are settled outside of court, so that needn’t be a concern. We do everything in our power to make your personal injury claim as easy as possible.


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After an injury following work negligence, Gareth was awarded £8,800

Gareth had to take 5 months off work after damaging his back while lifting an item that was too heavy for just one person. “One day I was telling a friend how much I was struggling financially and they recommended I call National Accident Helpline… I used the money to pay off bills that had accumulated over the months”.

Sometimes injuries can impact your daily life – preventing you from returning to work until you’ve made a full recovery. Don’t sit and worry about how your injury might cause financial troubles, calculate your claim now to see how much you can receive in order to help you out…