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Why make a compensation claim for food poisoning whilst abroad?

If you've had food poisoning, you should consider claiming to make up for the suffering you've endured while on holiday. A compensation claim can also cover the cost of having to pay for antibiotics and travelling to see a doctor.

It will also cover any loss of earning caused by needing time off work, if caused by your holiday food poisoning.

Every hotel has to operate under strict health and safety standards. These include the cleanliness of the rooms, the swimming pool as well as the kitchen, dining rooms and restaurants. Naturally, if the cleanliness of the hotel doesn't comply with safety guidelines, your claim will be easier to determine. The hotel should have regular inspections to ensure that they aren't putting holidaymakers in danger. By claiming you will hopefully highlight this and prevent others from enduring the same experience.

The main two types of food poisoning are salmonella and e-coli, although there are many other strains of virus that can cause food poisoning.

It's always a good idea to try and determine where you may have contracted food poisoning, to make your compensation claim go more smoothly. As is the case with many holidays, you could have eaten at a number of places. The hotel buffet can often be the cause of food poisoning - perhaps the chefs have bad hygiene or the kitchens are dirty, and it doesn't help that the food can often be sitting out for long periods of time in the restaurant.

Alternatively, local holiday restaurants, cafes and eateries could be to blame. In any case, National Accident Helpline will assess your case and help you claim compensation for your food poisoning.

Remember, because our solicitors work on a no win no fee basis, you'll never be left out of pocket after making a claim.

Are you suffering from food poisoning?

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Claiming food poisoning compensation is a painless process when you claim with us. With three ways to get in touch, it couldn't be simpler to speak with a specialist holiday solicitor in your area. Call us for free on  request a call back or fill in the online form.

So you've found a destination - sun, sea, sand and relaxation are on the way! You've picked your hotel, paid for your flights and jetted off around the world. Then, after a few days, you've unknowingly eaten something bad and contracted food poisoning.

What can you do? National Accident Helpline has over 26 years' experience in personal injury claims and getting compensation for people who have been the victims of holiday food poisoning.