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10 Jun, 2015/ by National Accident Helpline /Company Announcements, News

In recognition of our ability to respond immediately to inbound web leads, National Accident Helpline has been named as one of three winners at the inaugural European ResponseAwards, held at the Salesforce World Tour event in London.

The research project, conducted by the leading cloud-based sales acceleration technology company, "secret shopped" in excess of 1,400 companies via online lead submission forms. National Accident Helpline was named in the top three with a response time of 3 minutes, 56 seconds, alongside Insync Insurance Solutions Limited (1 minute, 59 seconds) and Signify Solutions Limited (3 minutes, 6 seconds).

Web lead response times were tested using's proprietary ResponseAudit assessments.

Our time of just under 4 minutes compared very favourably with the average response time by telephone (among those companies who did respond) of 24 hours, 13 minutes. Some other companies that made up the top 10 ResponseAwards finalists included Norisco, and The Active Network Inc.

However, the research also showed that - for many organisations - there was still a lot of work to be done, with 86.6% of those organisations tested failing to attempt a follow-up by telephone within the first four days.
Lindsay Armstrong, senior vice president of international strategy at said:

“Congratulations to today's ResponseAwards winners for recognising the value of immediate response.

“However, this research shows that many sales organisations still have a lot of work to do in terms of maximising each inbound lead; at present they are suffering in lost opportunities and sales.”

Aldous Button, Operations Director at National Accident Helpline, said: "When our consumers call us it is typically during a daunting time in their lives, and they often feel unsure or perhaps even anxious about the claims process. It is for this reason that we work so hard to keep our outbound response times down to an absolute minimum; helping to put the consumer's mind at ease and provide them with reassurance that they're being listened to as quickly as possible."

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