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Road Accident Testimonials

Read what road accident claimants have to say about their experiences.

The following testimonials are real accounts given by people we've helped claim compensation following an accident on the roads. If, after reading this page, you think you may have a claim, give us a call or simply fill in an online claim form.

Toni from London was awarded £140,000 after being hit by a car

"An uninsured driver ran me over and dramatically affected me for years. I was walking along a pavement to meet my boyfriend when a speeding car mounted the kerb and knocked me down, leaving me with multiple injuries to one of my legs and severely damaging my knee. Over the next four years I had five operations on my leg and will need two more. The operations have put metalwork into my leg to hold it together, and one of the operations removed some bone from my hip to support another part of my leg.

I had to put my life plans on hold. I was a widow with four children and had started to think about returning to work, but all of that will have to wait. For my children it was like role reversal as they had the pressure of helping to look after me while I tried to recuperate. The uninsured driver was fined £100 I believe, but I was left with my life upside-down. He said he had only been doing 35 mph but witnesses testified he must have been doing more than that.

I contacted National Accident Helpline who listened to me as I described my situation. They found me a lawyer who understood where I was at, and who saw me through to receiving compensation for my losses and injuries and to cover future needs. I can’t turn back the clock to before the accident, but I couldn’t just take what happened to me without looking for help."

Stacey Wallace from Hertfordshire suffered severe whiplash, and was awarded £2,500

“I was on my way to work and as I approached a set of red traffic lights a car drove straight into the back of me causing my car to shunt forward. I have never been involved in an accident before so I was in complete shock.

I went to work and felt ok but as the day went on I could feel slight pain in my neck. It wasn’t until I woke up the next day that I realised the damage the accident had caused. I was in a lot of pain. My head was thumping, my neck and back was aching and I could hardly move – I even found it difficult to lift my arms up. I went straight to the doctors who confirmed that I had severe whiplash and signed me off work for a week.

While I was off work I came across an advert on the TV and made the call straight away even though I wasn’t sure if I had a valid claim or not. The person I spoke to listened carefully and was really supportive. I felt at complete ease and couldn’t have asked for more.

They put me through to a local solicitor who was just as impressive. I was kept up to date throughout the whole process and I really didn’t have to do much. I received just over £2,500 which was more than I thought I’d get and was absolutely chuffed."

Gemma Bazzone was awarded £2,150 after suffering a neck and back injury

"I was sitting in a car that my friend was driving when suddenly it span out of control, causing it to hit the edge of the road and fall into a ditch. We managed to escape through the windows and were really lucky to be alive. The emergency services arrived and I was rushed to hospital where they suspected I had broken a bone in my neck and back.

The accident left me immobile and I was in so much pain that I simply could not move. I had to take three weeks off college as well as time off my part-time job which I didn’t receive any sick pay for.

What made it all worse was the fact that I own a horse but the injury meant I was unable to ride for a while. I did have a number of physio sessions but keeping that up was just too expensive. I returned to work but it was still a struggle and found it difficult to bend down and pick things up.

I decided to contact National Accident Helpline after speaking to a friend who recommended I get in touch to see if they could help in any way, as the accident was not my fault. At the time, I was under 18 so my mum dealt with most things and said that the person she spoke to was really helpful and commented on how quick the service was. The solicitors were also very good and fully explained all the available options to me.

I won a total of £2,150 compensation. I would recommend National Accident Helpline to anyone and I’m glad I made the call."

Mark Israel was awarded £2,600 after his car was struck from behind

"I was waiting at a set of traffic lights when a woman hit me from behind and shunted my car forward. She was clearly driving way too fast.

It wasn’t until a week later that I started to feel the effects. I started to get a tingling feeling and went to see the doctors who scanned me and told me I had a trapped nerve and that I would need to have an operation. Before I was booked in for an operation, I saw a physiotherapist for about six weeks, and luckily they managed to untrap my nerve, which meant I no longer required an operation.

I saw the TV advert and thought I’d call just to see what they’d say. The person I spoke to was brilliant, absolutely fantastic. I cannot fault the service National Accident Helpline provided. It was so good that I didn’t have to ask any questions. I won £2,600 and I am absolutely glad I claimed.

Initially I wasn’t going to claim, and it was never about the money, but I thought, you know what, someone has hurt me and it isn’t my fault – hopefully it will make the person who hit me slow down in future."

David Fairhurst from Merseyside was awarded just over £2,000 following after being hit by a van

"I was waiting for a bus when a van began backing into the side of a shop alongside the bus-stop. The van drove over the kerb and hit my elbow – it was really painful and I went to tell the driver what he’d done but he didn’t want to know. Luckily I took his number and there were some witnesses at the bus-stop. I went to hospital and found I’d broken a bone in my elbow – it was really painful, a bit like having permanent tennis elbow. I was self-employed and it affected my ability to work, and I even had to stop playing golf.

I’d seen National Accident Helpline on TV and decided to phone them up. The process went smoothly and was faster than I thought. The solicitor dealt with my case well and I accepted a settlement of just over £2,000. The compensation helped me pay off the bills that had accumulated when I hadn’t been able to work. I’m glad I made my claim and would recommend National Accident Helpline to anyone who asked.

If there hadn’t been No Win No Fee I would have had to wait for a bigger pay out. If my compensation had been any less I couldn’t have paid off what I owed.

"I would award National Accident Helpline 4/5 for the whole process."

Helen Coughlan from Manchester was awarded £1,000

"I was working as a passenger assistant picking up children with special needs from college.  The vehicle I was in had stopped but the car behind was going too fast and slammed into the back of us.  It was a bit of a shock at first but I carried on working.  The next day I experienced really bad pains in my shoulders and had to take the day off work. I went to see the doctor who signed me off for three days.

I went back to work but I was limited to what I could do. I was unable to assist wheelchair users and, at home, I couldn’t pick up my little girl so my husband had to help out a lot. I have two young daughters and luckily my older daughter helped out a lot whilst my husband was at work. I had a follow up appointment with the doctor and was prescribed painkillers.

I wasn’t going to claim but my colleagues pointed me in your direction and recommended National Accident Helpline. The person I spoke to was helpful and the solicitor I was put through to did exactly what they said they would. I was keen to get back to work and in total I won £1,000 which I was happy with. I’m glad my colleagues told me about your company and I will certainly recommend National Accident helpline to anyone. The service was fast and efficient from start to finish."

Stuart Byrne, 30, from Norwich was awarded £1,200 following a car accident

"I was travelling along the A14 at rush hour when the traffic started to slow down to avoid the speed cameras.  The next thing I knew a van failed to stop and hit a Vectra which crashed into me and pushed me into the car in front – it was a four car pile-up.  My car was a write-off and I noticed my neck hurt immediately.

I hadn’t taken out legal cover on my insurance policy, so although it covered the car it didn’t cover my injury.  I called the National Accident Helpline and the initial call was dealt with efficiently.  It was a slick process and I was contacted by a local solicitor who was very quick and helpful – I had no problems at all.  I received a settlement of £1,200 which I felt covered the inconvenience of the accident, and the fact I had to stop playing sport for a while."

Mr Stevens, 28, Surrey, was awarded £4,980

"A car pulled out from a side road and hit me while I was on my motorbike. This left me with back pain and whiplash, a hospital visit and some time off work. I saw an advert online and phoned the number. The call centre staff explained the claims process to me clearly, and passed my enquiry to a local solicitor. The solicitor ensured that my case was handled in a straightforward way and I was very pleased that my compensation came through in six months."

Mr Davidson, Knotty Ash, was awarded £2,000

"I was sitting in my car at some traffic lights when a car went into the back of me, leaving me with whiplash. I looked on the internet for help and, after calling the number advertised, was referred to a local solicitor. process was handled smoothly and efficiently and my compensation came through in six months."

David Wells, 36, Bramley, received £3,000 after a car accident

"I had never claimed before and wasn’t sure how the process would work, but everything was really straightforward. I looked online for what to do after a car went into the back of me. I was stationary at a red light, and ended up going to hospital with whiplash. From my first conversation with the helpful advisor, through to receiving the compensation, it was an easy process. My case was handled by a local and well-regarded solicitor, which helped to make everything straightforward."

Nigel Hooper, 27 , Hampshire, was awarded £1,400 after a road accident:

“I was a passenger in a stationary van when a car shunted us from behind. The bruising and whiplash left me needing days off work and physio treatment. I searched online to see what I could do and made a call to make a claim. The advisor who took my call listened as I went through my situation and then made sure a local lawyer could take my case forward. The lawyer arranged a medical for me and made sure I knew what was going on through calls and e-mails, without needing to take too much time out for meetings. The process was brilliant and resulted in me getting £1,400 compensation.”

Peter, Kent, received £8,000 after a bike accident

"I was happy with the service and found it very straightforward. I rang National Accident Helpline and was put through to a specialist. The solicitor was organised, gave me good advice and there was always good communication between us. I never expected the process to be so quick and simple. After a bike accident the compensation I received helped pay for a new bike and physiotherapy. If I knew anyone who had an accident I would recommend National Accident Helpline."

Natasha received £1,784 after a car accident

“I was really chuffed with the service I received and the Solicitor was brilliant. I called the National Accident Helpline after seeing the TV advert and had a locally based Solicitor over straight away who kept me in the loop and answered all my questions. I even recommended National Accident Helpline to my friend who is receiving a great service too.”

Paul Jones, 25, Yorkshire, received £1,700 when he was injured as a passenger

“I injured my neck when the car I was a passenger in went into the back of another car. When I called the number on the TV advert an advisor listened to my circumstances and arranged for a local lawyer to take things forward. They kept me up to date and I was pleased to end up with £1,700 compensation.”

Amanda, Leicestershire, received £2000 after her car accident

"What happened to me literally came out of the blue. I was driving home from work and suddenly a garden strimmer came through my windscreen. A person at the company I was driving past just threw it behind them without looking. My car was damaged and I was also really shaken up by it. When I made my call the advisor took me through the process and arranged for a local lawyer to pursue my case, who won £2,000 for me and my car."

Janet from Sussex was awarded £12,500 for injuries sustained when travelling as a passenger on a bus

"I was just sitting on a bus, when a car suddenly pulled out of a side junction, causing the bus to swerve suddenly. The bus caught the car and I was flung out of my seat and down the bus by the impact. The next thing I knew I was in and out of consciousness with a severely damaged finger, and paramedics were taking me into an ambulance. The top of one of my fingers had been taken off by the accident so I had an operation to sew it back on. From the first call to National Accident Helpline onwards everything was absolutely terrific. A local solicitor was with me every step of the way and made sure everything was handled right. I didn’t need to go to court and got £12,500. The damage to my finger means I can’t pick things up or get on with gardening like I used to, but at least it’s all behind me now."

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