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Work Accidents

Genuine accounts written by work accident victims.

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The testimonials below are genuine accounts given by work accident claimants. If you would like to discuss a work accident claim with one of our friendly, legally trained call handlers, ring now or simply fill in an online form and we'll call you back at a time that suits you.

Hannah from Northampton was awarded £10,000

"I was at work putting away a glass when I cut my hand and was taken straight to hospital. The doctor dressed the wound and told me I had to see a plastic surgeon which I did the following day.

The accident affected my normal day to day life and I lost all my independence for a while. I was unable to drive and found it difficult to shower and brush my teeth. In the end, I had to move back in with my parents so they could look after me.

At the time, I had two jobs and had to take four weeks off one and six weeks off the other, but was only entitled to sick pay for one of those jobs.

It was actually my manager who told me to contact National Accident Helpline. She was really supportive and told me that the company’s insurance was there to cover things like that. When I called National Accident Helpline, the person I spoke to was compassionate and dealt with me efficiently. The whole process was really quick and I was put in touch with a solicitor who kept me up to date with how the case was going. They were very accommodating.

In total I received just over £10,000 compensation which I was very happy with.

I’m glad I made the claim and would recommend National Accident Helpline to anyone.  Because of the claim, my employer has made some changes to ensure that what happened to me will never happen to anyone else. Following my recovery, I returned to work and I’m still there to this day."

Gareth Ward was awarded £8,800 after suffering a back injury at work

"I work as a baggage handler in an airport and was left on my own to cover a two hour shift to do a job that would normally require two people. During the shift I damaged my back whilst lifting an item that was too heavy. My supervisor was not very sympathetic and I had to go to hospital where the doctor advised to me rest and gave me painkillers to ease the pain.

In total I had to take 5 months off work and during that time I had physio and acupuncture to aid my recovery. My work only paid me sick pay for three months which meant that I was out of pocket for two months.

The accident affected me in more ways than one; I wasn’t able to play football, golf or go to the gym. All my hobbies went out of the window and I still suffer from time to time.

Then one day I was telling a friend how much I was struggling financially and they recommended I call National Accident Helpline. I made the call and the person I spoke to was very understanding and helped me out a lot - the solicitors were brilliant too! In total I won £8,800 which was fantastic and used the money to pay off bills that had accumulated over the months.

I am really glad I claimed, the service was great and it didn’t put me out at all. It took one phone call, a few emails and letters and the case was settled. I would definitely recommend National Accident Helpline."

Robert Elms from Leatherhead was awarded £2,800 after an accident on a construction site

"I was doing a normal day at work on-site and as I was walking I fell down a drainage hole which had not been covered up properly.  Drainage holes should always be fully covered but this one wasn’t and resulted in my injury.  I called National Accident Helpline who were extremely helpful and put me through to a solicitor who was very good.
I received £2,800 and although it’s not a huge amount, it covered my loss of earnings. I am now self-employed and will admit that it has been difficult but I am pleased I claimed and will certainly recommend National Accident Helpline to anyone who has suffered like I have.

I would award 5 out of 5 for fantastic service!”

Jason Nicholls from St Albans was awarded £7,000 following an accident at work

“I was working on a construction site in London and a colleague was removing the flooring.  He was taking a metal U track from a stud wall and then just threw it – lobbed it into the walkway and it flew into my left leg and severed an artery.  There was a lot of blood – it was spurting out about 2 feet and my work boot filled with blood.  The site manager called an ambulance and I was taken to hospital where they glued the artery back together and I had 8 stitches in my leg.  I took a load of pain killers and went straight back to work the next day.  I told the company as long as they guaranteed me work for a while I wouldn’t make a claim, but that was my last job and they didn’t employ me again.

Because the company had been so unsupportive after the accident, I decided to call National Accident Helpline.  They took my details and within an hour a solicitor phoned me.  She was fantastic, kept me well informed and let me know everything I needed by phone. I went to see a doctor who confirmed I had on-going problems with my leg – it’s still numb below the scar and I get an itchy, burning sensation in my foot, which the doctor said I’ll probably have for life.

The whole claim  process was as good as gold and I received a settlement of £7,000.  It really helped as I set up my own limited company (a painting and refurbishing business)  and I bought a new van.  It helped out with supporting my family too, so I’m very glad I made my claim. The chances are I wouldn’t have claimed without No Win No Fee – I only went ahead with it because there were no costs involved.

I would give National Accident Helpline 5/5 for the whole process.  The service was fantastic – top notch.”

Mr Lower from Staffordshire received over £4,000

My injury happened at work. I was working in the backs of cars, in confined spaces and squatting down all the time. I suffered with trapped nerves in the backs of my knees. It’s one of those things, they didn’t really give you that much training and you just got in the back and got on with it. I was off work for four months until I was well enough to find things to do. It was tricky just having to sit there and to not be able to do anything; that’s not like me at all. In the end I didn’t need any operations and it was resolved with hard physiotherapy.

When I called National Accident Helpline they were very good and very helpful. It was nice and quick. The solicitors couldn’t have been better. They kept me involved at every stage and I was on first name terms with them. They were just fantastic and so easy to work with.

I wasn’t expecting to get anything at the end of the day. You don’t bank on it ¬- but it’s nice to cover four months’ wages. At the time money’s the last thing on your mind. I am not one that goes for gain at the best of times. All I was interested in was that my employer changed their work ethics to get it right and save anybody else having to suffer with it. They have changed the whole process now and I am back working full time now, which is brilliant.

Kate Garrett, 19, from Leicestershire was awarded £1,500 following an accident at work

"I was working in a local supermarket at the till.  It was a very small area and I whacked my leg on the inside ledge, dislocating my right knee.  It was really painful and I had to push my knee back in myself!  At the hospital it was put in a full cast and I had to keep going back because they weren't satisfied with how it was healing.  In the end I was in the cast for six weeks and needed physiotherapy to become fully functional.
My Dad suggested contacting National Accident Helpline and when I did they explained exactly what would happen.  The whole process was quick and easy and my solicitor, Julie, was lovely - very friendly and helpful.  The communication was excellent and all the paperwork was dealt with swiftly.  In the end we settled for £1,500 which I was happy with because it helped towards my living costs at University.  I'm studying in London and it's very expensive.

I'm glad I made my claim and would definitely recommend National Accident Helpline.  Everything was easy and all the people I dealt with were very helpful. I probably wouldn't have claimed without No Win No Fee because I expect it would be expensive."

Kate would award National Accident Helpline 5/5 for the overall process.

Mr Gulliver, 66, from Bedford was awarded £10,000 after breaking his leg at work

“I was at work in a garage when someone left the arm sticking out of a car ramp. I fell right over it and broke my leg. It was a bad break and terrible for me because I’d already had two ops on my hips. I went to hospital to get a pin put in my femur, but a few weeks later I had to go back again for a longer pin. The operation took nearly six hours because it was so complicated. I really wanted to go back to work, but the doctor insisted I couldn’t go back. I got statutory sick pay for a while, but then those payments stopped and I still had thousands to pay off on my mortgage. I was out of money and on benefits.

I saw National Accident Helpline on TV and called them. They were very helpful and put me on to a solicitor who was ever so good. If I had any problem I was put straight through, or his secretary would contact him and he’d get back to me, even if it was just a query about some paperwork. I received £10,000 and part of the settlement was that I wouldn’t have to pay my benefits back. The money helped me out because I’m retired now and we’ve managed to pay off the mortgage. I’m glad I made the claim and I’ve recommended National Accident Helpline to a friend of mine who had an accident.

I wouldn’t have claimed without No Win No Fee – after what happened I wouldn’t have had the money to do it.”

Mr Gulliver would award National Accident Helpline 5/5.

David Deane was awarded £1,800 and physiotherapy following an accident at work

"I’m employed in a warehouse for a food company. I was driving a truck when the engine cut out and the truck behind me, which was loaded with pallets, drove straight into me. I had a laceration on my heel, but thought I’d be able to bandage it and go back to work. An ambulance attended and the medic suggested I went to hospital because my whole foot was swollen as a result of massive bruising. I couldn’t even place it on the floor and in the end I was forced to take five weeks off work.

It was my wife who saw an ad for National Accident Helpline online. She made the initial call and then I picked up the process and was put in touch with a local solicitor. They were faultless – kept me in contact by phone and letter, and if I had any questions I could call and they would be straight back in touch. I received a settlement of £1,800 and a few sessions of physiotherapy. I’m back to normal now – at work and playing football. I’m so glad I made my claim and in fact I recommended National Accident Helpline to my friend just the other day.

I probably wouldn’t have made the claim as I know solicitors can be really expensive."

David would award National Accident Helpline 5/5 for the whole process.

Jack Davies from Norfolk was awarded £1,600 after hurting his leg at work

"I was working for a company as a fitter/welder and was doing some work on an articulated trailer. I was supposed to have a mobile ladder on the trailer but none was available so the manager told me to use a step ladder. I was using a 4” grinder with a cutting disc and it suddenly snagged and jumped out of my hand hitting my leg on its way down to the floor. When I climbed down I realised there was a big gash in my jeans and in my leg. I said I needed to go to hospital, but the director of the company (who was also the first aider) said just get on with your work. As a result the wound became infected and I have a nasty scar on my leg. I only took two or three days off work, but the company didn’t pay me for them and I couldn’t afford to have any more time off.

My wife said I should call National Accident Helpline and they were more than helpful. They explained everything clearly, sent someone to me for an initial assessment and then on to a doctor for an examination. The solicitor was very good, too and answered any questions I had – the communication was clear and I always received letters keeping me informed of the process. I received £1,600 which covered my loss of earnings – and bought me some new jeans!

I’m glad I made the claim – hopefully it’s changed the company’s procedures to make it a safer working environment. I wouldn’t have claimed without No Win No Fee because I simply wouldn’t have had the finances to pay up front."

Mr Lewis from Chesterfield received £2,000 following a trip at work

“I was at work on a delivery when I tripped and hurt my ankle falling down a manhole. There weren’t any warning signs and I still suffer with an aching ankle now. It’s affected my life - I like to play golf but it can really hurt when I do.  I didn’t take any time off work and I’m still with the same employer now.

I’d seen the National Accident Helpline advert and got in touch with them. It was very good – I was put in touch with a solicitor and received over £2,000 in compensation. I was really happy with the money and I’m glad I made the claim. Most people on low wages, earning around the minimum wage, don’t have enough money to pay anything up front. If I’d had to pay a solicitor myself I wouldn’t have made the claim.”

Paul Moore received £4,000 after a fork-lift truck accident at work

"I was driving a fork lift truck in the warehouse. There was water all over the floor and when I was coming round the corner I went out of control and drove into a metal barrier. I had a deep 8-inch cut from my ankle right up my leg.  I had to have internal and external stitches and was off work for 9 weeks. I still have the scar. I’d seen the National Accident Helpline on TV adverts.

Their people were great – very helpful – and put me on to a solicitor in Sheffield. He kept in touch with me all the time – either by phone or by post. I got a £4,000 pay out which came at just the right time because my company went into administration the day of my settlement! I didn’t have a job any more so the money came in handy to support my family and my daughter. I’m really pleased I made the claim."

David Talbot from Stoke-on-Trent was awarded £4,500 after suffering a hand injury at work

"I am a carpenter and was using a saw without gloves. I’d asked the company to provide some but there were none on site so when the saw snagged I cut right into my thumb from the knuckle to the nail. I could only afford to take two or three days off work and went back with my hand bandaged up.

A mate of mine said I should put in a claim and I called National Accident Helpline who completely sorted me out – I went to a private hospital and had 6 physiotherapy sessions which really helped. The solicitor kept me up to date with everything and I received a settlement of £4,500 which covered my loss of earnings."

Peter Lucas from Leeds received £5,500 after a finger injury at work

“I work in a launderette and I was hanging some clothes up when an unguarded chain on the hanger chopped the top of one of my fingers off. I went straight to hospital but they couldn’t sew it back on. I had to take nearly 3 months off work which was difficult as I went down to basic sick pay after a month and I couldn’t do any overtime.  I lost my finger and my wages.

I saw an ad on TV for National Accident Helpline and it stuck in my memory. The lady who took the call said I had a good chance of a claim and within a couple of days a solicitor came to my house and basically sorted me out. I was kept in touch each step of the way and I knew exactly what was going on. Work took full responsibility for the faulty machinery and were quick to fix things after my accident. I won £5,500 which helped cover the loss of wages. I also bought a few gadgets that make things easier for me at home, like a machine that makes the tea, and something to help me pick up cups.

I’m glad I made the claim because I’d lost lots of money and the compensation helped to cover that. I think if there wasn’t No Win No Fee it would put an awful lot of people off claiming. People like me, on the minimum wage or just above, make an OK day-to-day living but it’s difficult to save anything so I wouldn’t have been able to make a claim. I would have found things even harder without No Win No Fee.”

Mr John Lund from Northants received a settlement following an accident at work

“I was working as a lorry driver and had to check the water levels on the vehicle for the next delivery. The cap fitted onto the water tank was the wrong type – it was brass and had a flip-top mechanism rather than a screw top. When I attempted to open it, the pressure in the tank blew the lid off and it flew up in the air and hit me on the head – 2 pounds of solid brass! I haven’t been the same since - I damaged my inner ear and developed vertigo. The specialist at Leicester Royal Infirmary said the crack on my head would have caused it – she said I should think about making a claim.

I called the National Accident Helpline and they were very good. Everything went to plan and I was put on to a local solicitor who kept me very well informed every step of the way. If ever there was anything I wanted to know I could call her. I was pleased with my settlement. It’s been good to have the money now I’ve retired. I’m glad I made the claim because it’s highlighted the situation and will hopefully prevent other drivers from suffering the way I have.”

Malcolm Ford won £5,000 following an accident at work

"I was working in a sheet metal fabrication factory when I had an industrial accident. There was a sheet of steel placed on a table which was too narrow for it and it fell onto my foot. It missed my toe protectors and broke my bones. I went to hospital to have it sorted, but it got even worse when I developed infections and a large abscess. I was off work for three or four months and went down to statutory sick pay which was really difficult. My wife and I had to use up our savings just to keep afloat.

It was the lack of wages which made me think about making a claim. I called the National Accident Helpline and they were very decent people. I was phoned by a solicitor who kept me well informed and I eventually won an award of nearly £5,000 which covered my loss of earnings. I’m glad I claimed because the money helped us when we needed it and we were able to replenish some of our savings.

I wouldn’t have been able to make a claim without No Win No Fee. We just didn’t have the money to pay up front. Most people on average wages just couldn’t afford to pay a solicitor."

Mr Brian Collins from Swansea was awarded £1,500 after suffering a broken finger at work

“I was working in a factory producing polythene bags. I was rolling out the polythene on the machine when it jammed and I lifted up the guard to unjam it. There was meant to be a lock holding the guard in place, but it was broken so it dropped and caught my right wrist and my wedding ring finger. My ring was a bit bashed, but I didn’t think too much of it and just strapped it up at home and went back to work. The pain just got worse and worse so I went to hospital and discovered my finger was broken.

I was sat watching TV afterwards and saw the National Accident Helpline come on. I rang and they were excellent. They told me someone would ring the next day and they did. They were as good as they said. The solicitor was excellent, too. He called me and I went to see him to provide the evidence and he did everything. I received £1,500 within 9 months and I got some physiotherapy for my hand. Everything went well and although my hand aches in the cold, it doesn’t stop me from doing anything. My employer changed the machines at work immediately after my accident, too, and my claim didn’t cause any problem for me at work.

I’d definitely recommend National Accident Helpline – everything went smoothly from the initial call to the settlement.”

Mr James Donnelly from Rotherham was awarded over £2,000 after an accident at work

“I was helping deliver – believe it or not - popcorn to a cinema. It was a two man job but I was doing it alone – I’d asked for help but they refused. I lifted one pallet by myself, but the second one got caught so I pulled hard and it pulled me with it. The pain was terrible – I pulled a muscle so badly I passed out and had to be revived by a security guard. At the hospital they said everything had shut down because of the pain and shock. I still can’t use my arm properly – I’ve got a lot of ongoing pain. I was off work for a while, but they made sure they gave me a lorry with a tail lift afterwards.

I wasn’t going to bother claiming because I’d phoned one company and they weren’t very good. But then I saw an ad on TV for the National Accident Helpline when I was watching with my sister. The service was ten out of ten – spot on. I couldn’t recommend them enough. They put me in touch with a solicitor who kept me in contact about everything. I was sent to a private hospital and received physiotherapy every week for two months, and I won over £2,000 in compensation. It made a real difference. You can use my name anytime – the National Accident Helpline was brilliant – I couldn’t have got better.

If I had to pay a solicitor money up front it might have affected whether or not I claimed. I couldn’t have afforded to pay a solicitor or for private physio.”

Roger Nicholson, West Sussex, was awarded £3,200 after damaging his back at work

"I damaged my back at work moving a railway sleeper. My initial call to the National Accident Helpline was really good. They ran through everything very quickly and put me in touch with a solicitor. I got to know the solicitor really well and he kept me in touch with everything that was going on. My claim was successful and I received £3,200. I'm glad I made the claim because I wasn't able to work for a while and my back still causes me problems. I'm glad I could claim through the no win no fee system because I couldn't have paid out thousands of pounds to make a claim without being certain I'd at least get my money back, and some more for compensation."

Mr William Bowers, 49, Glasgow, was awarded £3,500

"A faulty door trapped and injured my hand at work. I saw the TV ad, made a call, and the advisor helpfully listened to my situation and explained the process. The lawyers were very good, and made the effort of calling in extra advice on aspects of the case. People may be concerned about claiming against their company, but I stayed in the job and my employer has not only rectified the problem but put measures in place to prevent any further such accidents."

Paul Suttling, 36, received £3,000

"It was easy to contact the National Accident Helpline by phone. The solicitor was brilliant - very helpful and explained everything. My case went ahead exactly as he said it would. I am glad I made my claim and I have already recommended National Accident Helpline to other cab drivers."

Kevin Hemson, Barnsley, won £3000

"My foot was injured in a work accident. After making a call my case was taken on by a local solicitor. They made it all easy and kept in touch regularly through to winning my case, and my workplace has had no hard feelings"

Ceri Evans, 43, Ripon

"I started my claim after I left my employer. The level of settlement didn't matter - it was more important that I claimed as a matter of principle. The solicitor was brilliant. He kept me up-to-date with telephone calls and letters. The process was quicker than expected. I'm glad I made my claim. I would recommend others to call National Accident Helpline."

Stephen Simms, 41, Lancashire, won £1,400

"I was in discomfort and needed physio on my knee and hip after a slip at work. I slid and fell on an oily patch which didn't have warning signs round it. There was some pressure to drop my claim, but I didn't want to be bullied. When I called, the advisor listened as I explained what had happened and was really straightforward in explaining what the next steps would be. My case was looked after by local solicitors who were able to help me without taking up too much of my time in visits, and they kept me up to date through to winning £1,400 in compensation."

Marion received £2,800 after a work accident

“The service I received was really helpful and the Solicitor was really nice. I saw the advert on the television and called the National Accident Helpline who started the claim there and then. I was surprised at how quickly the case was settled and the time it took to get my money. I was so happy with the service which was helpful and friendly and I would be happy to recommend the National Accident Helpline to anyone.”

Paul, Lancashire, phoned after an accident at work

“I had called a couple of organisations before ringing National Accident Helpline but didn’t really want to go with any of them. The advisor who took my call at National Accident Helpline was different because she wasn’t pushy and knew what she was talking about. I called after an accident at work left me with a deep wound in my leg. There hadn’t been a risk assessment and so I started a claim against my employer. I’m glad I made the call and that the advisor understood me as I ended up being compensated.”

Anne Green, 37, was awarded £11,000 after suffering RSI at work

"My job involved a lot of stooping, bending and twisting to inspect vehicles but I hadn’t received any training and there were no health and safety records. After some years I suddenly had a serious pain in my back that, after two weeks or so, turned into sciatica and a slipped disc. The pain I was in meant I was hardly able to do anything so I ended up off work."

"For the first few weeks I was on sick pay but then went onto half pay. After a couple of months I had to go back to work as I needed the money but I couldn’t return to that same job and ended up leaving the company. A specialist who treated my back said that my job had caused it, and sent a letter in to the personnel department saying so. I was good at my job and liked it too, and I’m not the sort of person who just sues anyone for anything, but I had lost out and my health had suffered. I wake up in pain each day and will always have a weakness in my back. National Accident Helpline was sympathetic and found lawyers who could take my case forward. At first my former employers tried to fight it by saying they had made equipment available, but it was inadequate and I hadn’t been trained. My case settled without going through court and I was awarded £11,000."

Mr Stewart from Southampton was awarded £7,500 after a work accident

During the course of my work in a transport vehicle which is suspended at over 40 feet above the ground I was stationary and, through no fault of my own, was shunted by another transport vehicle from behind. At first, I wasn’t sure how badly I was hurt but the pain in my back and neck increased. I had to climb down from my cabin in a lot of pain. I went to my GP and he prescribed painkillers. I also had to have intensive physiotherapy.

The injury had a real impact on my day to day living – I could not drive and had to rely heavily upon others to carry out everyday tasks and driving to appointments. The injury prevented me from carrying out my normal work and I had to have time off. My focus was to get better and I didn’t think about making a claim for compensation. A colleague who knew about my injury helped me to think about making a claim. The accident wasn’t my fault and the injury was still affecting me many months after the accident.

My wife saw the National Accident Helpline TV ad and I made a call. The legal services advisor was very helpful and the process was straightforward. He put me through to the right solicitor for my case. They were absolutely brilliant. The solicitor was confident and I always felt she had my best interests in mind. I was kept up-to-date with letters and calls through the whole process. I was pleased I made a claim. I was awarded £7,500 and this has helped with my recovery. I would recommend making a claim for compensation through National Accident Helpline.

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