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Company registration number: 2857601
Incorporated in England
Address and Registered Office:
1430 Montagu Court, Kettering Parkway, Kettering, Northants, NN15 6XR
Tel: 01536 527500

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration recorded on the website


What to have to hand when you call

When you call us you don’t have to have anything to hand. Quite simply, as your call with us is advisory we don’t need any exact dates or medical treatment names from you. We just need to know what you experienced and whether you can obtain evidence or witness details if you were to claim.

You may find it useful to have some information about your accident to hand when you call, but that’s entirely up to and whether you feel comfortable and confident remembering some of the finer details of your accident and injury when discussing it with us.

Worried about your privacy and data?

We respect your privacy and actively campaign to stop cold calling as well as the sourcing and selling of data. We are also the founding members of the Ethical Marketing Charter, an agreement that calls for the end of nuisance marketing such as cold calls, spam emails and spam texts.

We’re also committed to keeping your data safe, so our website is secure. You can see our security certificate by clicking on the padlock button in your address bar at the top of this screen. That means anything you send to us via our website is encrypted, so that hackers and data sellers can’t see any of your details.

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