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If you've suffered a rib injury, we're here to help

It can take a long time to recover from broken or cracked ribs, and any rib injury can be very painful and can make it difficult to get on with your daily life.

Nobody deserves to be stuck at home after an injury that wasn't their fault, especially when it causes you pain when breathing, laughing, and in extreme cases, stops you from being able to walk.

If you've been injured due to an accident that happened in the last three years and was somebody else's fault, we may be able to help you make a compensation claim. Speak to us for free on to find out whether you could claim, or if you just want free, impartial advice and answers to your questions.

Rib injuries are usually caused by a sudden impact or blow to the chest. This can happen because of many different types of accident. For example:

  • Road traffic accidents as a driver, passenger, or even a cyclist or motorcyclist can cause damage to your chest or ribs
  • Slips, trips and falls, in public places such as restaurants and cafes, can lead to chest injuries, especially if you've fallen onto or against something
  • Accidents at work, particularly in industries where dangerous machinery is used or you work at height

Employers and owners of public businesses have a duty of care to make sure you're kept as safe as possible. If they've failed to follow regulations and you've suffered a rib injury as a result, we may be able to help you.

We know it can be difficult for you to tell if someone else was at fault or ‘liable' for your accident, but we can help - simply call us for free on .

Because the rib-cage is there to protect the heart and lungs, damage to the ribs can lead to serious internal injuries, which can even be fatal. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, we know how devastating this can be.

Broken or cracked ribs can take around 4-6 weeks to recover. This is because broken ribs can't be splinted like limbs can, so they have to be left to heal naturally.

All types of rib injuries can be very painful, such as tissue damage, bruising, or damage to the ligaments surrounding the rib cage.

After suffering a blow to the chest, you should always visit a doctor or hospital, as your injuries might be worse than you think. Medical reports can also be useful evidence of your injury when it comes to making a claim, and your doctor can give you advice on how to help your recovery.

If you do decide to speak to us, we'll ask you some questions and talk with you about your injury to get a better idea of what happened. This is so we can fully understand how we can help.

Talking about your injury may feel daunting or upsetting, but we'll only ask you the questions we need to so that we can help you fully.

We understand that suffering an injury can be isolating and depressing, and making a recovery often means taking time off with with reduced pay or no wage at all.

While we can't change the side-effects of your injury, speaking to us and making a claim can help you get the financial support you need to get back to where you were before your injury.

For example, compensation can cover the cost of:

  • Lost earnings
  • Accommodation costs
  • Travel costs
  • Care and medical expenses, including prescriptions, medication and any private treatment
  • Any costs to your family and loved ones caused by your injury

Your solicitor will also take into consideration your physical pain and suffering when negotiating your compensation.

To find out how much compensation you might be able to receive, try our compensation calculator to get a guideline figure.

Making a rib injury claim can seem like a hassle - you might be worried that it'll take a long time and that you'll be swamped by confusing legal jargon.

But with 26 years' experience, we know how important it is to keep the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

We'll explain the claims process in plain English, help you understand whether you can claim and, if you decide to go ahead, we can pass you on to a trusted solicitor.

You can get in touch with us for free, impartial advice on . And we'll never rush or pressure you to go ahead with a claim.