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You don't need to worry about losing your job if you claim compensation

Many people who get in touch with us after their accident at work are worried that their compensation claim could have an impact on their career and the way they are treated by their employer.

We know this makes many people reluctant to claim or even contact us, but as our calls are confidential and there are strict rules and laws put in place to protect you from dismissal if you were to start a claim, we can put your mind at rest.

In fact, it's illegal for your employer to dismiss you because you made a compensation claim following an accident in their business, and it would also be illegal for them to treat you any differently from other staff members because of it too.

If you'd like to chat to somebody about making an accident at work claim and whether this will impact your job or progression, we're happy to talk. Call us for a free and confidential chat on .

You may also be worrying that making a compensation claim will leave your employer with a bill they can't afford to pay, which in turn may lead to redundancies or affect any pay progression.

You don't worry about this. All business owners are legally required to take out ‘employers' liability insurance' to cover the costs of any compensation claims made by employees.  This means your compensation will be paid by their insurance rather than by your employer personally.

If you're still concerned about the financial impact your compensation claim may have on your employer, or if you're thinking of making a claim, it's worth calling us for help and advice on . You won't be pressured into starting a claim so you can simply ask the questions you want to and get the answers you need.

If an employer decides to dismiss an employee, they should follow a very strict set of rules which are laid out in the Employment Rights Act 1996. This states your legal rights as an employee, including your rights around unfair dismissal.

Your compensation claim would not stand as a valid reason for your employer to dismiss you, and so they would be breaking the law.

For a similar reason, it would also be illegal for your employer to treat you any differently from other employees because of your claim.

When you contact us, we choose from our experienced network of solicitors across the UK, to find a solicitor who is both a specialist in your type of case and is also as local to you as possible.

Part of your solicitor's commitment to you is to make sure they advise you if you've been unfairly dismissed and to consider this as part of your compensation negotiations.

After an accident at work, it's important to tell your employer or manager so that they can make a record of it in an ‘accident book'. If your injuries are serious, for example if you've suffered from a broken limb , then your employer must report your accident to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

If it's possible for you to do so, we also advise that you note down the contact details of anybody who witnessed your accident, if you don't already have this information.

If you were injured at work, there's a chance that it happened due to your employer's negligence. We realise it can be difficult to tell whether your employer was at fault for your injury, but we recommend that you get in touch with our legally trained advisors on  for free to find out whether you could make a compensation claim.

Your case could help to bring safety issues to your employer's attention, so that changes can be made to avoid your colleagues being injured in the same way.

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Your employer has a legal duty of care to you, which means they must take precautions and follow regulations to keep you and your colleagues safe while you're at work. If they haven't followed these rules, then they may be liable for your injury and you could make a claim.

Your employer should provide you with the right safety equipment and training, as well as carrying out risk assessments and ensuring your work station is properly set up to avoid injury.

Nevertheless, we know how difficult it can be to know who caused your injury. The best way to find out is to speak to our legally trained advisors for free on . We'll listen to you, answer your questions and help you understand whether you could claim compensation.