Dental Negligence

If you've suffered dental negligence in private or NHS care, you might be able to make a claim.

Making a dental negligence claim

Some people are understandably nervous about going to their dentist, but most procedures are entirely routine and carried out without any ill effects.

However, if there is a problem and your dentist fails in their duty of care to you leading to an injury, such as permanent damage or loss of teeth which could have been avoided, you may be able to make a claim for dental negligence compensation. You can call us on 0800 540 4258  to discuss your negligence claim, and how we can help you.

What counts as dental negligence?

Dental procedures can often be quite complex, and there are a number of things that could go wrong. If you have experienced any of the following examples of dental negligence, you might be able to make a claim for compensation:

  • Failure to correctly diagnose dental problems: If your dentist failed to diagnose gum disease, you might be left with a lifelong injury as well as tooth loss
  • Failure to treat dental problems adequately: Your dentist’s misdiagnosis leads to them carrying out the wrong type of treatment, causing you unnecessary pain and distress
  • Poor dental technique leading to further injury: Your dentist or orthodontist correctly identifies your dental problem, but carries out treatment poorly leading to further injury

Making a dental negligence claim

If you think you have been injured or caused to suffer in any way by a dental professional then you should give us a call today on 0800 540 4258 , fill out our, or request a call back.

We will be able to talk you through the claims process, and give you an idea of how much your claim could be worth.

Remember, you’re under no obligation to claim when you call us, but if you do decide you want to make a compensation claim, we will be able to give you a better understanding of what the next steps are.

Specific dental negligence injuries

We cover all areas of dental negligence. If you think you have suffered because of the negligence of a dental professional, you could make a compensation claim.

Even though your dentist will often do the bulk of your dental work, injuries or accidents can occur at the hand of orthodontists, hygienists, dental nurses and dental therapists, who also provide you dental treatment and advice.

Some injuries that result from dental negligence are more common than others. We’ve outlined these below, but calling  0800 540 4258  and speaking to one of our trained legal advisers is the fastest way to find out how we can help you with your injury.

Incorrect dental treatment

You should be able to trust your dentist’s judgement without question. If they recommend a specific treatment, there should be no doubt that it is the right option for you. However, if it becomes apparent that your dentist’s recommendation was incorrect or unhelpful, you could be entitled to make a claim.

Wrongful dental treatment is often a sign of negligence, and can lead to extra, unplanned expenses and painful suffering, which could have easily been avoided. If a private dental clinic carries out incorrect treatment then this can cause even more financial damage – money that we could recover.

Incorrect treatment can also lead to extra dental procedures needing to be carried out to resolve the problems caused by the original negligence. If this has happened to you, making a claim could help cover these extra costs.

Negligent root canal treatment

Root canal treatment (also known as an endodontic therapy) is normally required to combat tooth decay, a leaky filling or an infection caused by damaged teeth. It is a common procedure and, in the majority of cases, a successful one.

On the rare occasion that something goes wrong, it is likely that you could be entitled to compensation.

Issues arising from root canal surgery include fractured teeth, dental instrument residue, and failing to remove all of the infected bacteria before attaching the crown. If you feel that your root canal treatment wasn’t completed correctly, then speak to us today on 0800 540 4258 and we’ll help you take the first steps towards compensation.

Incorrect fitting of a crown or bridges

Another common procedure is to have a crown or bridge fitted. Crowns cover a damaged tooth to provide extra strength and protection, while bridges are tooth-shaped structures that fill gaps where teeth are missing.

It is important that these restorative implants fit perfectly. Otherwise, they can cause discomfort or not last as long as they should.

If your crown or bridge does not fit correctly, you can make a claim for any discomfort you have suffered, as well as the cost of having new implants fitted. It’s likely that you will also be able to reclaim the cost of the original treatment. To see what you may be able to claim for you can call us today on 0800 540 4258  and we’ll talk through your experience. You’re under no obligation to claim when you do call us.

Delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of a dental issue

It is important that your dentist is able to correctly identify any potential dental issues at the earliest opportunity.

The majority of dentistry experts pride themselves on their ability to predict and prevent dental problems.

Occasionally mistakes are made, leading to either a misdiagnosis or treatment that comes too late. If this has happened to you, it might be a case of dental negligence.

In the unfortunate case that the delayed or wrong diagnosis has meant that the issue can’t be resolved, you may be able to claim compensation to pay for ongoing treatment.

Misinterpretation of tests

Part of any medical professional’s training is to be able to understand the results from any tests that are carried out. This is true in the world of dentistry, but unfortunately sometimes results are hard to read or interpret.

If your test results were misinterpreted, this may have impacted your health and caused you to require extra treatment. If this is the case for you, then call  0800 540 4258  for free today. We’re here to help and advise you on the next steps.

Mistakes during oral surgery

When you have oral surgery, all the risks should be clearly explained to you beforehand, allowing you to make an informed decision.

If you sustained an injury during oral surgery and you were not warned about the risk of this injury, it could indicate that you’ve been a victim of dental negligence and that you can make a compensation claim.

Orthodontic errors

Orthodontists are expected to provide the same high standard of treatment as any other medical professional.

However, sometimes these standards fall below the level that is expected. If you think that your orthodontist hasn’t provided an acceptable standard of treatment, you should call us today on 0800 540 4258 Your call with us is confidential and free, and you’re also under no obligation to claim when you do call us.

Why make a dental negligence claim?

We understand that dental work can be expensive and can often mean having to take time off work. If you have received treatment of an unacceptable level and have been injured as a result, we believe you should receive compensation for both your injuries, and the financial loss suffered.

National Accident Helpline can help you claim compensation for dental negligence whether your treatment was provided by the NHS or a private practice. What’s more, we can help you claim on a no win no fee basis, which means making a dental negligence claim is risk free.

Claiming compensation for dental negligence

Getting started is easy – simply call one of our friendly, legally trained advisors on  0800 540 4258  or fill in an online claim form.

You’ll find out in minutes if we think you have a legitimate claim, and we will put you in touch with your specialist dental negligence solicitor who will explain how they can help you claim compensation.

Specialist dental negligence solicitors

Dental negligence claims can be more complicated than other personal injury claims – for example those relating to a slip or trip at work or road accidents. This is because it is often necessary for your solicitor to get advice from an expert to help decide if your dentist was negligent.

This doesn’t mean you should be put off if you think you have a claim, it’s just all the more important you get the right legal advice from an experienced dental negligence solicitor from the outset.

Why choose National Accident Helpline?

For  years, we’ve helped people make successful dental negligence claims after they’ve suffered an injury or complication. We work with specialist medical negligence solicitors, and you can call us free of charge to find out more about making a claim. If we agree to take on your case we’ll do so on a no win no fee basis. That means, if you don’t win your case, it won’t cost you a penny.

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