Optician negligence

If you've suffered because of a mistake made by your optician, you might have a claim.

Can I claim compensation following an injury caused by my optician?

We understand that any injury to your eyes can be devastating.

If you’ve suffered an injury because your optician was negligent, it’s likely we can help you.

We may also be able to help you claim compensation if your optician caused you an injury as the result of an accident while treating you.

Any compensation you win can help cover the costs of additional treatment for your eyes. Your compensation can also recover lost earnings you may have suffered if you’ve had to take time off work.

You can find out if you can claim today by calling us on  0800 540 4258  for free. You’re under no obligation to start your claim when you do call us.

What can I claim for?

When you call us to discuss your compensation claim, we’ll take into consideration a number of factors.

The first thing we’ll consider is what caused you to be injured.

We know that nobody chooses, or deserves to be injured. So if your injury was caused by your optician’s negligence or by their accident, then you can make a compensation claim for the effects that has had on your life.

Below are some examples of where your optician may have been negligent.

You may be able to claim if your optician:

  • Failed to diagnose an eye problem
  • Misdiagnosed an eye problem, leading to you having the incorrect treatment
  • Delayed or failed to refer you for further treatment
  • Failed to carry out laser eye surgery correctly

If we think you have a claim, and you choose to start your claim, your specialist solicitor will negotiate your compensation on your behalf.

During their negotiations for your compensation, they’ll assess the impact your eye injury has had on your life, including:

  • Whether you’ve needed care from a friend or family member
  • If the injury will have a continued impact on your life
  • If you’ve had to take any time off work, and, as a result, have lost money
  • If you’ve had to pay for anything relating to your eye injury, such as travel or extra treatment

If your optician’s error or negligence happened within the last three years and has had an impact on your life, call us for free to see if we can help. Our number is 0800 540 4258  and your call is confidential.

Laser eye surgery errors

Laser eye surgery is almost always a safe and life-changing procedure.

However, if this type of surgery has gone wrong for you then there may be serious, long-term consequences for your vision.

If you’ve suffered because of laser eye surgery gone wrong, contact us today, free of charge, on  0800 540 4258 .

If we think you’re eligible to make a claim, we’ll refer you to a specialist solicitor to deal with your claim.

Your expert medical negligence solicitor will be on hand throughout your claim to support you through the claims process, and help you receive the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Find out how your compensation is calculated, when you contact us about your optician’s negligence claim.

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What happens when I call you

When you call us, you’ll talk to one of our friendly, legally trained advisors, who will ask you questions about the nature of your injury and your claim against your optician.

Your answers will remain confidential, and we ask these questions to work out whether or not you’re able to progress with a claim.

If we think you have an optician’s negligence claim, we’ll let you know during the call and ask if you’re happy for us to transfer you to a specialist solicitor.

Your specialist solicitor will then begin your claim with you.

When you call us, we’re not able to advise you how much compensation we think your claim is worth, but you can try our industry leading compensation calculator to get an estimation.

Contact us today for free on  0800 540 4258  to take the first steps towards the compensation you deserve.

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