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Myths of personal injury claims

13 Dec, 2018/ by National Accident Helpline /Latest News

A new YouGov survey has revealed that while most people believe it is right to claim for compensation following an accident which wasn't the injured person's fault, almost a third would be unlikely to do so themselves.

The research, commissioned here at National Accident Helpline, found that 85% of people in Britain think it is fair for someone to claim for an accident that wasn't their fault, but 30% would be unlikely to make a claim if they had personally suffered an injury.

It has highlighted some of the most common myths about personal injury claims that are preventing people from getting access to justice, such as the costs or timings involved in the claims process, or the fear that a court appearance is required to make a claim.

This is why we're campaigning to highlight the realities of personal injury claims, so nobody feels like they can't make it right if they have been injured in an accident which feels wrong.

Simon Trott, Managing Director of National Accident Helpline, said: “When someone is hurt through no fault of their own, absolutely nothing should stand in the way of them getting the help which they need at such a difficult time.

“But our experience shows us that sadly, misconceptions and stigmas around claiming are still alive and well, and are preventing a huge number of people from accessing help at a vulnerable time in their lives when they need it most.

“While they are all different, the thing which all personal injuries have in common is their detrimental impact - on the injured person and their loved ones. This often extends beyond physical health and mobility to their mental health and finances.

“At a time in their life when they have all of this to contend with, no-one should feel bad about picking up the phone and getting the help they need.”

If you want to know more about personal injury compensation, you can explore what the claims process is really like in our myth-busting information hub.

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