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03 Jan, 2014/ by National Accident Helpline /Company Announcements, News

National Accident Helpline, the UK's most recommended claims company, today unveils a new television advert, reminding viewers that the organisation can help with the seemingly daunting task of approaching a solicitor to make a claim.

Featuring Aardman Animations' Underdog, the 30-second advert has been launched today on National Accident Helpline's YouTube channel preceding the first television showing on 6 January.

The advert seeks to build consumer confidence to act on an accident they may have suffered and seek compensation. It features a huge stack of legal books representing a seemingly impassable barrier to making a claim, which the Underdog overcomes by calling National Accident Helpline. The imagery in the advert is designed to remind consumers that making a justified claim through National Accident Helpline does not have to be overwhelming or require them to decipher complex legal language.

Joe Pasquale reprises his role as the voice of the Underdog, while Brian Blessed returns as the booming voice of the unseen and condescending corporate entity.

Devised by advertising agency The Gate, this piece builds on the theme of ‘David versus Goliath' that has run through all of National Accident Helpline's recent television adverts.

The overall tone is designed to reflect the organisation's role in providing vulnerable consumers with the tools to challenge large organisations while seeking compensation. The advert also evolves the character of the Underdog, which has now become synonymous with the brand. Beth Powell, Consumer Director at National Accident Helpline, said

“We are delighted with this finished advert and believe it brilliantly portrays our expertise in cutting through complex language to give consumers industry-leading assistance with genuine claims. Being an accident victim is an intimidating position to be in, you are not just proceeding against another individual, you are up against the whole system. This advert aims to remind the public that National Accident Helpline is on their side, which provides consumers with the best chance of securing the compensation they deserve.

“Our decision to release the advert online ahead of its television air-date is a first, but given the popularity of our previous adverts, we were keen to give our most engaged consumers the chance to view it ahead of time.”

Heather Wright, Executive Producer at Aardman Animations said: “We're really pleased with the latest piece featuring the Underdog. Working with National Accident Helpline and The Gate has been a pleasure, and we hope to continue our collaboration in the future.

“The Underdog has become a well-loved character across the UK and it's great to see him return in this new advertisement, even if it does involve him taking a rather sore-looking tumble!”

You can view the latest ad, Books, on our YouTube channel:

National Accident Helpline -

National Accident Helpline - "Books" Underdog Advert

National Accident Helpline - "Books" Underdog Advert

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