Our views on cold calling

We never cold call. In fact, we want it banned and that's why we actively campaign against it

We never cold call

If something feels morally wrong to us, we don’t do it. That’s why we’ve never made a single cold call and we NEVER will.

To us, cold calling is unethical, and often results in people feeling pestered, pressured and stressed.

We don’t want anybody to feel that way – that’s why we’re proud to say we stand against cold calling and other spam marketing, and that we’ll continue to actively campaign against it.

What we’re doing about cold calls

We’re standing against cold calls. No compromise – we don’t believe cold calls should be allowed to disrupt your day.

Aside from committing to never make a cold call, we set up the Ethical Marketing Charter.

Ethical Marketing Charter

The Ethical Marketing Charter called upon companies within the personal injury sector to sign up to a commitment to protect people from cold calling and spam marketing practices.

Signatories of the charter agreed to the following commitments:

  • Never to cold call you, or send spam texts or emails
  • Stand against the unethical buying and selling of accident data. And agree never to use this to pressure people into making a claim
  • Stand against inappropriate or misleading advertising, making sure they never fool you into claiming and are clear about no win no fee exclusions

Our stance against cold calling | National Accident Helpline

Legal Director Jonathan White explains our views on cold calling

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Report a cold call

Reporting cold calls, spam texts and emails really does help tackle the issue – in fact, it can lead to repeat cold callers being fined or investigated for breaking privacy laws.

We can help you report cold calls – just complete the form below and we’ll make sure the information is shared with the relevant authorities who will help stop that cold caller bothering you again.

Report a cold call

  • Please provide as much detail as possible about the cold call. For example, the date, time and what was discussed during the call.

Report a spam text

We also believe that spam texts are wrong, and are not something you should have to put up with. That’s why we’ve never made a spam text and promise never to do so.

If you’re receiving spam texts, reporting them is simple – just text 7726 to your network provider for free with the number that keeps texting you.

Prevent cold calls

To prevent yourself from receiving cold calls in the future, we have three tips:

  1. Take extra care when completing forms that ask for your data. There are often tick or check boxes that can allow you to prevent your data being shared
  2. Register with the TPS (Telephone Preference Service). You can register both your landline and mobile numbers. Businesses are legally required to check if you’re registered with the TPS before contacting you
  3. Don’t give out your details unless you’re sure you know who you’re dealing with. This includes over the phone too.

And if you’ve received a cold call, don’t forget to ask the caller the name of their company, registered address and telephone number so that you can report them fully.

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