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Slips, Trips and Falls

We’ve been helping people like you recover from falls since 1993 - read their stories on this page.

The stories below are real accounts of how we've helped people recover from a slip, trip or fall that wasn’t their fault.

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We helped Jackie after she broke her wrist while shopping in Hertfordshire

“I went to buy some new boots for an upcoming holiday to see my grandchildren. As I walked in the arcade, I slipped on some ice that had fallen through the roof. I not only suffered whiplash but also broke my wrist.

“National Accident Helpline were absolutely brilliant – I couldn’t have wished for more! Their solicitor was always available when I needed him and explained everything clearly. I would recommend National Accident Helpline to anyone.

“I had nothing to worry about as National Accident Helpline did all the work. Since my accident, the leak in the roof has been fixed. This means no one else will have to go through the pain I suffered. Knowing that this is fixed to prevent other injuries makes me very glad I made a claim.”

When Jane Hancock fell in the parking bay of a shop in Swansea, we were there to help

“I am disabled with cystic fibrosis and osteoporosis so I parked in the disabled bay of a local shop. The ground was covered with leaves, which meant I couldn’t see the eight-inch pothole in the ground. I twisted my foot, pulled a ligament and was covered in bruises.

“My dad called National Accident Helpline and their solicitors sorted out my claim within just a month or two. Everything went smoothly and I received a settlement of £1,100.

“I’m back to normal now, and the shop fixed the hole straight away so no one else can get hurt. I’m very glad I made the claim and would recommend National Accident Helpline to anybody.”

When Mrs Joyce Cook fell at work, we helped her win £3,500

“I work in an office and went to the warehouse to talk to someone about clearing all the pallets and mess on the floor. I finished speaking and then went to turn around, but fell right over a metal trolley which was in the middle of the walkway.” The trolley had been reported several times and the walkway was supposed to be clear of obstacles.

“I hit the trolley with my chest and an X-ray showed I had extensive internal bruising from the fall. I still have problems and it’s really affected my health.

“I had seen National Accident Helpline advertised and gave them a ring. They listened to my story and said they’d let me know straight away if I had a case. It turned out I did, and their solicitors kept me in touch with what was going on the whole time. In the end I received £3,500.

“I continued to work for the same company and, now that I’m retired, the money has been really useful. However, I’d still rather be healthy than have the money.

“If National Accident Helpline didn’t do no win no fee I don’t know if I would have made a claim. With no win no fee I didn’t have to worry about money.” 

Mrs Cook awarded National Accident Helpline 5/5 for the overall service she received.

Steve Smith, from Lincoln, suffered a fall at work and we helped him win £2,500

“I was working in a cake factory and there was some vegetable oil spilled on the floor. The guttering and drains were open, too, and there should have been covers over them.

“I slipped on the oil and my foot went down the drain. As I fell, I put my hand out and tore the ligaments in my wrist. It was really painful and the doctor at the hospital said it can be worse than breaking a bone. The accident happened the day before I went on holiday, so a week later I was back at work.
“The company was terrible – they weren’t sympathetic at all and still didn’t do anything to cover the drains. Their reaction made me call National Accident Helpline, who were great. Within an hour, a solicitor called me! 

The service was very professional, I was given clear information at every stage. They helped me get physiotherapy, which really helped me use my hand properly again, and I was awarded £2,500. I called my solicitor and gave him a big “thank you” – he was really nice and very helpful all the way through.
“I’m glad I made the claim, but I’d feel better if the company fixed the problem. The fact that they haven’t bothered shows how little they care about the welfare of their staff – they have no respect.
“I don’t know if I’d have claimed if there wasn’t no win no fee. I think the risk of losing your own money would make you not want to claim."

I would award National Accident Helpline 5/5 for their service

When Amanda Bridgwater, 42, from Kidderminster, slipped at work, we helped her win £2,000

“I was working in a carpet factory and the person on the shift before me hadn’t cleaned up the floor properly. I slipped on all the material and my foot hit an iron girder.

“At first, it wasn’t too bad, and I carried on working, but the next morning I couldn’t put my foot to the floor. I went to hospital and had an X-ray which showed I’d broken my toe. I had to go on sick leave for six weeks and I lost money as a result.

“I saw National Accident Helpline on TV and I liked the advert. They were ever so good when I called and they couldn’t have done more and kept me informed every step of the way. I got £2,000, which I was really happy with because it helped my pay my bills.

“I’m glad I claimed because it made my company more aware they need to improve conditions at work in the future.”

Our solicitors got Mrs T. Khan £2,000 after a fall at work

“I was making samosas in the factory I work at and there was grease all over the floor which hadn’t been cleaned up the night before. I slipped over and fell on the concrete ground. I damaged the tissues in my hips and back. I still suffer from some pain now, especially when it gets cold over winter.

“National Accident Helpline were very good – very polite and helpful. I spoke to a lawyer who was very good indeed. He kept me in touch with every little detail.

“I won just over £2,000 and was happy not to have broken a bone.

“My bosses have changed things at work now, too. They’re now more careful about cleaning up spillages. I still work there and there haven’t been any problems as a result of my claim. I’m glad I claimed because I think it’s helped other people working there.

I don’t agree with paying a lawyer up front. I wouldn’t have gone to a solicitor if I’d had to do that, just in case I didn’t win.”

David Roberts tripped at work and we helped him win £6,300 on a no win no fee basis

“There was part of a fan sticking out underneath a barrier in the warehouse I work at. I didn’t see it and tripped over, fracturing my humerus. It was really painful and I went to hospital.

“I’d never claimed for anything before but National Accident Helpline were very helpful and put me in touch with a great solicitor. My employer was very good and didn’t cause any problems, either.

“I would definitely recommend National Accident Helpline – everything was done very quickly and I got £6,300. It was a very helpful amount of money and I managed to pass my driving test and buy a car, which helped me get out and about after my injury.”

When Mrs F, from Birmingham, tripped over while shopping, we helped her win £3,200

“I used a shop lift while out shopping. The lift stopped four inches lower than the shop floor. When I went to get out of the lift, I tripped and really hurt myself. It affected my day-to-day living badly.

“I didn’t know what the law said about this type of accident and was unsure if I could claim. I knew I couldn’t afford to pay a solicitor for the legal advice.

“I saw an advert for National Accident Helpline on TV which was talking about no win no fee. I decide to make a call and spoke to a friendly and understanding advisor. She put me through to a very good solicitor who kept me up to date every step of the way.

“I felt I was in safe legal hands. Something I couldn’t have paid for or dealt with on my own.

“I was told the law said I had the right to make a claim for compensation. I could never have done this if I had been asked to make payment to the solicitor. 

“I received £3,200 in compensation, which has been so important to me and helped with my recovery. "

We helped Martina Southall, 41, from Dyfed, after her accident and she won £1,200

"I was in a pub and slipped over on a wet floor because there were no warning signs. I sprained my ankle so severely that I needed an ambulance. I needed crutches, painkillers and two weeks off work.

“I made a call and the helpful advisor listened to my situation. He told me how the claim process worked and made sure I understood everything. My solicitor was local to me and kept me up to date. Eight months later I won £1,200 in compensation.”

We helped Andrew Philips, from Rotherham, win £6,000

"When I had an accident at the gym, the solicitors National Accident Helpline put me in touch with helped me every step of the way. The case was settled in my favour and I was very happy with the £6,000 compensation I received."

Karen Filey, from Liverpool, received £2,500 after a fall in a shopping centre

"I claimed against a property developer after an accident I had while shopping. There was moss on the pavement, which caused me to fall and hurt my knee. I was bruised and had a build-up of fluid and cartilage damage.

I saw the online advert and phoned for advice. I can’t fault the way the advisor handled my call, getting the ball rolling while making sure I knew exactly what the next steps would be. It was really useful to then be referred to a local solicitor, so that they could keep me up to date. 

Everything worked out for me, from making that first call through to getting my compensation."

Claire Calder was injured after falling on a wet floor. We helped her win £4,000 in compensation

“I was in a supermarket where the floor was wet but no warning signs had been put out. I slipped on the wet floor, hurting my hip and arm, and I had to go to hospital.

“After seeing an advert for National Accident Helpline, I made a call and spoke to a helpful advisor, who explained the next steps to me. The National Accident Helpline’s solicitor who handled my case phoned me regularly to keep me updated along the way to winning my case.”

Bradley needed a sling after falling on the pavement in the West Midlands. He was awarded £3,750

"A fall on a raised paving slab left me with my arm in a sling for six weeks. When I phoned National Accident Helpline, the advisor made the process simple and found a lawyer to take my case on.

“A quick medical assessment was arranged so my injuries could be assessed. I only needed to have a few meetings with the lawyer before my £3,750 compensation came through."

Dawn Black, from Swansea, was awarded £2,750 when she sprained her arm by falling

"It was raining and the entrance to the shop was slippery and nothing had been done to dry it. The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back with a sprained arm. What if I had been a toddler or an elderly person? It was ridiculous that the shop had let it get like that.

“After speaking to National Accident Helpline, their advisors found me a local law firm who I was really impressed with. My compensation paid for the physio I needed and hopefully the shop has now learned how to look after its floors."

Joan, from Leeds, was awarded £12,925 after a fall while shopping

“Out shopping one day, my foot went into a hole in the kerb and I was suddenly flat on the pavement. An ambulance was called and I found myself in hospital being told I had broken my shoulder and needed a replacement.

“After the operation, my joint was heavily strapped, which affected my ability to do things for myself like driving, shopping or cleaning. I spent six weeks with my shoulder strapped up and had physio several times a week for the first few months. I had never thought about claiming. I felt I had to do something to improve the condition of the streets. I wanted to bring it to the council’s attention and get something done.

"I phoned National Accident Helpline and the advisor was very helpful and found me a local lawyer straight away. She gave me a realistic picture of what could happen, how long the various steps might take and was thorough in everything she did. I would have given up if I had had to try and do it all myself without the lawyer.

“The council settled without needing to go to court and I was able to put it all behind me. It was certainly helpful to make that call to National Accident Helpline and I would give their name to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.”

Mrs Martin claimed on behalf of her husband for injuries sustained from a trip

“My husband tripped over a trolley that was sticking right out of the trolley bay in the doorway of a DIY store. It was quite a nasty fall – his leg was very swollen and there is still a mark a year later.

“Nobody at the shop was at all sympathetic. They just sort of dealt with it and pushed it away. I don’t think that’s right and I felt they should be doing something about it.

“I’ve had a stroke so usually my husband has to dress me and undress me and shower me as I cannot do very much for myself. When my husband was injured, my daughter had to change her days off and take more days’ holiday so she could help.

“When I phoned National Accident Helpline, I was very impressed with the way it was dealt with and I agreed to go ahead with the claim on behalf of my husband. I didn’t think anything much would come of it, but at the end of the day we were really pleased with the result and amount of money. Our solicitor explained everything to us very well. He was very good and very understanding and asked quite a lot of questions that were very relevant to the situation.

“We were glad we’d claimed and we would recommend it for anybody else that had a problem.”

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