Who is Underdog?

With National Accident Helpline on your side, you'll never feel like an underdog.

The day Underdog was born

One of the things we’re most proud of is the fact that we’ve helped millions of people over the years. The experience of talking to people about their claims made us realise that many people felt daunted by the prospect of  and are uncertain about ‘taking on’ a large organisation, even when it was responsible for their injury.

Our customers told us that with National Accident Helpline on their side, they felt a lot more confident in the outcome of their claim and about taking on ‘the system’. We thought this was a very important message for personal injury victims, so we created our Underdog character. Underdog reminds people that with National Accident Helpline on their side there’s no need to feel uncertain or unsure.

The many talented hands behind the creation of the Underdog character include Aardman Animations who are also responsible for British stop motion comedy series Wallace and Gromit. With their expertise in character creation we now have Underdog at the heart of our TV advertising reassuring accident victims and growing ever more loved by the UK public.

Rise to fame

Underdog from the 'Grapevine' advert, 2013

The first Underdog advert aired in 2010 and the character has been voiced by British comic actor Joe Pasquale ever since.

Today, the Underdog has many memorable TV ads to his name:

  • First Ads” (July 2010) Our first Underdog advert where Underdog appears standing in the shadow of a tall figure voiced by Brian Blessed.
  • Knocked Down” (August 2012) For the first time, a muted Underdog is featured in a new TV advert with musical backing using Chumbawamba’s ’90s hit “Tubthumping”.
  • Grapevine” (January 2013) – Following the musical backing theme, the advert uses a version of Marvin Gaye’s ’60s hit “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” where the chorus lyrics have been changed to include the National Accident Helpline brand name.
  • Bad Dream” (September 2013) – One of two brand new television adverts created using computer-generated imagery.
  • Revolving Doors” (September 2013) – Second of two brand new television adverts produced by Aardman Animations using computer-generated imagery.
  • Books” (January 2014) – Another computer-generated advert where Underdog explains how all of our solicitors are personal injury specialists.
  • Red Tape” (March 2014) – Our latest Underdog advert where we explain how we help consumers cut through the red tape when making a claim.
  • Connect, Click, Claim” (June 2014) – Underdog lets you know just how easy it is to make a no win no fee claim online.
  • No Win No Fee No Risk Guarantee“(March 2015) -Underdog learns about our no win, no fee, no risk guarantee and hops on board the National Accident Helpline.
  • Make NAH Your Port of Call” (March 2015) – Underdog is going around in circles and doesn’t know which way to turn, until the National Accident Helpline shows him the way.
  • Justice Express” (March 2015) – Underdog learns that we can give you a decision about your claim in just minutes, and decides to get on board with National Accident Helpline.

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Where can you find more of the Underdog?

Underdog from the 'Books' Advert, 2014

We’ve been overwhelmed at the interest the Underdog character has generated from adults and children alike! There’s even a Wikipedia page about him.

Over the years, we’ve received a number of Underdog creations from fans all over the UK, from crochet figures to novelty cakes.

You can find all this and more on our Pinterest board and you can also find us on Facebook where we regularly run Underdog-themed competitions with excellent prize giveaways!

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