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Press Release: Brits Come to Queen's Aid

Research commissioned by personal injury advisory service National Accident Helpline has revealed that the Queen tops the list of famous faces we are most likely to help in an accident.

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30 March 2011 / personal-injury-news

Research commissioned by personal injury advisory service National Accident Helpline has revealed that the Queen tops the list of famous faces we are most likely to help in an accident. Nearly 60 per cent of the nation claimed that they would rush to Her Majesty’s aid, more than any other well-known public figure.

The research looked at how people react when they witness an accident – do they rush over to offer a helping hand or simply walk away, is their reaction based on the type of victim or injury? Whilst many people claim to be good Samaritans, the results revealed that over a third of Brits would not go out of their way to help anyone, leaving victims to fend for themselves regardless of their injury. The findings also revealed who the nation is more likely to offer aid to, as well as those we are least likely to help.

With two Royal weddings this year, the results revealed a Royal flush. The Queen is joined at the top of the list by soon-to-be Royal, Kate Middleton (53.1%) and Prince William (53%) respectively, all ranked ahead of other national treasures such as Cheryl Cole and David Beckham. Katie Price was placed bottom of the list with only 39 per cent of Brits saying that they would come to her aid.

Sam Porteous, CEO of National Accident Helpline, comments: “Knowing which famous faces the public would or wouldn’t help is interesting, but the research highlighted serious points about attitudes and behaviour towards helpfulness. It is important to realise that accidents don’t discriminate. We should remember how essential it is to offer assistance to someone, no matter who they are. Sadly, as a nation we seem to have forgotten that showing we care can make all the difference to people in distress.”

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Read the complete 'What happened to help thy neighbour?' research here.

ENDS *The research was carried out by Opinion Matters Market Research for National Accident Helpline, 14th-25th February, from a sample size of 1,558 UK adults

Research results The list is ranked in order of familiar faces that Brits are most likely to help in the event of an accident:

  1. The Queen
  2. Kate Middleton
  3. Prince William
  4. Cheryl Cole
  5. David Beckham
  6. Keira Knightley
  7. Colin Firth
  8. Ant & Dec
  9. Tess Daly
  10. Davina McCall
  11. Liz Hurley
  12. Michael McIntyre
  13. Christine Bleakley
  14. Peter Andre
  15. Jeremy Clarkson
  16. Simon Cowell
  17. Adrian Chiles
  18. David Cameron
  19. Ed Milliband
  20. Piers Morgan
  21. Nick Clegg
  22. Kerry Katona
  23. Wayne Rooney
  24. Alex Reid
  25. Katie Price

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