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Fame, football and freestyling #Wunderdogs

We preview three of our top #Wunderdogs video entries from dog owners around the UK

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6 August 2015 / by National Accident Helpline Communications / community-news

National Accident Helpline’s #Wunderdogs competition, in partnership with PDSA, invites dog owners to enter photos and videos of their beloved animals in a bid to highlight responsible pet ownership.

Here, we take a look at three of our best video entries to date. You can also see some of the top photo entries on our #Wunderdogs Wunderwall.

Lauren Cunningham entered her golden retriever, Talisker, into the #Youngerdogs category for cute puppies.

Talisker chases his buddy Fearghas

Talisker had recently achieved worldwide fame with a video of him outwitting Lauren’s older dog, Fearghas.

Lauren says: “Talisker keeps us busy with our older golden retriever, Fearghas. I happened to video them both chasing each other around the table. Little did we know it would be shared around the world!”

Meanwhile, Alison Thackray’s golden labrador, Boodles, has a special talent for freestyle skateboarding and, according to Alison, he just loves performing for the camera.

Boodles loves to skateboard

Alison says: “Boodles can be the ultimate performer when he chooses to be.”

Last but not least, Lauren Saunders’ jackahuahua, Cody, is not only a keen footballer, he’s also a hero.

Cody is a keen football player

Lauren says: “Once, Cody helped discover a lost rescue dog that was stuck due to the dog’s extending lead wrapping around a tree.

“Cody disappeared for a while so my mum went to find him, when she saw the other dog was tied to the tree. We call him the rescue ranger!”

The #Wunderdogs competition is open for entries until Monday August 10, with prizes including a luxury dog hamper and a £100 PDSA gift card.

For every entry received, National Accident Helpline will donate £1 to vet charity PDSA.

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