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Our "Give Something Back" reward reveals truly inspirational stories

We recently encouraged members of our official Facebook page and the public to nominate inspirational people who have helped them in their lives.

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29 October 2013 / company-announcements

We recently encouraged members of our official Facebook page and the public to nominate inspirational people who have helped them in their lives. We received more than 50 stories as part of the initiative called ‘Give Something Back’ - all about truly remarkable people. At National Accident Helpline, helping people overcome adversity is what we’re focused on every single day, including the thousands of victims we have helped gain access to justice since 1993. Give Something Back was a great way for us to find like-minded people and reward them for the help they have given to others.

Speaking about the success of Give Something Back, Consumer Director Beth Powell said: “We were touched by the number of fantastic nominations we received through Give Something Back. We heard about so many inspirational people, and it was a pleasure to reward them for the way they had helped their loved ones.

“We also thought it was important to recognise and reward the charities that helped people because there are so many organisations who not only help people through difficult situations, but rely on donations to continue doing so.”

“Saffy” MacAllistair

Saffy MacAllistair was nominated by her mum Angelina. Five years ago Angelina contracted a rare and serious condition called Guillain-Barré Syndrome after gall bladder surgery. The condition has left her only able to walk small distances and with crutches. Angelina can’t drive and struggles with even routine, day-to-day activities. Saffy selflessly looked after her mum, taking her to hospital appointments and providing her with emotional support, all while looking after two kids of her own and balancing it with a full time job. We’ve sent Saffy a voucher to help her enjoy a well-earned break.

The runners up

Saffy and Angelina’s story was one of many heart-warming stories we received. So many of the stories we heard came close to winning, so we decided to reward the runners up with Amazon gift certificates as well as donating to charities that helped them through the challenges they faced. We heard from Michael Mollett who nominated his father Henry to say “thank you” for looking after him after he suffered an accident at work. Marie-Louise contacted us to nominate her partner David, who helped her move on after he husband sadly passed away and also helped her recover from surgery. Vicki Maclime got in touch with us to pay tribute to her sister Julie, who was there to provide her with much needed emotional support after her son Jamie was tragically killed in a road traffic accident. Rachel Riches nominated her two daughters Rohan and Heather after they helped her deal with a skin cancer diagnosis, her treatment and recovery.

The charities that touched these people’s lives

Most of the people who contacted us not only wanted to nominate a particular person who had looked after them, but also thank the charities and support groups who helped them through their difficult experiences. We made separate donations to each of the charities identified by the competition nominees.

Saffy’s mum Angelina took the time to tell us about some of the amazing support she has received during her illness from the Guillain-Barré Syndrome Support Group (GBSSG). The national charity helps people suffering with Guillain-Barré Syndrome and related conditions every year and relies on public donations to continue helping people like Angelina and Saffy.

We also made donations to Macmillan Cancer Support on behalf of Rachel Riches, Compassionate Friends on behalf of Vicki Maclime and Cruse Bereavement, as chosen by Marie-Louise.

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