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Press Release: Lord Young Review: Reaction from National Accident Helpline

Sam Porteous, Chief Executive, National Accident Helpline shares her reaction to Lord Young's review.

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15 October 2010 / personal-injury-news

Quote from Sam Porteous, Chief Executive, National Accident Helpline: “Lord Young’s review is a mixed bag of sensible recommendations and unsubstantiated criticisms of the personal injury industry. “It is particularly disappointing that although Lord Young himself acknowledges that the compensation culture is “perception rather than reality,” his review does nothing to dispel this myth, which acts as a barrier to people accessing justice. It is ironic that he seems to be making recommendations based on an agreed myth and not on reality. “Most importantly, we doubt whether there really has been an increase in claims for damages in recent years.

The government’s own data [from the DWP’s Compensation Recovery Unit Shows] shows that employer liability claims have fallen 69 per cent between 2000 and 2010 – from 219,183 to 78,744. “We question Lord Young’s intention to restrict television advertising in the personal injury industry. Such advertising is one of the only means of giving people awareness of their rights to justice if they have suffered a genuine injury. Our research shows that only 6 per cent of people are aware of their rights in this area. Without television advertising and no public awareness campaign, how are disadvantaged people, who are the underdogs, supposed to know their rights? “Compensation should not be a dirty word. People deserve the help to restore their life to the position they were in prior to suffering an injury that was not their fault. As the leading firm operating in this area, National Accident Helpline welcomes any proposals to crack down on the more dubious practices of the cowboy companies who give our sector a bad name.

However, cutting red tape should not be confused with restricting access to justice for those who have suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence. “We look forward to working closely with Ministers and officials to ensure that the final regulations deal with the less respectable companies operating in this area, while still ensuring that nothing is done to restrict responsible attempts to ensure access to justice for people with a legitimate claim for compensation.” ENDS About National Accident Helpline National Accident Helpline is the leading marketing and legal services company for solicitors who specialise in Personal Injury law and represents more than 100 legal practices across the UK. If a consumer has had an accident which was someone else’s fault then we will put them in touch with a member firm, so they can seek redress for the injury they have suffered.

Through our national solicitor network, we champion consumer rights for people who have had accidents, helping those with genuine claims to seek redress and gain access to justice to help aid their recovery. National Accident Helpline is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities and is a registered company, incorporated in the UK. For media enquiries please contact: Matthew Rosser, National Accident Helpline:, Tel. 01536 527500/07834 518603

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