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Industry News: £18,000 Compensation for Pub Fall Woman

A woman has won £18,000 in compensation following an accident in a pub which seriously injured her knee.

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1 August 2009 / personal-injury-news

A woman has won £18,000 in compensation following an accident in a pub which seriously injured her knee. Selena Gilder was smoking a cigarette in the beer garden of the Albion Pub, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, when her stiletto heel became caught in broken concrete and she fell backwards.

Miss Gilder, aged 40, has undergone three operations since the incident in October 2007, including having pins fitted to her knee, and has only been able to walk for the last two months. The former hospital cleaner decided to take legal action after she was forced to take eight months off work due to her injury. She now works in a car dealership.

Miss Gilder was on a girls’ night out when the incident occurred, and had taken ‘the odd drink but not to excess’. She said: ‘My heel got caught in the concrete and I went back through a door in a disused toilet block that should have been locked. ‘It swung open, I went back and my leg stayed where I was. It's been horrendous - I wouldn't want anyone to experience what I experienced. I am angry at the pub and will never go in the place again.’

Her solicitor pressed the compensation claim on the grounds the area was poorly lit, that the concrete was broken, and that Miss Gilder fell backwards through an unsealed door which she grabbed to break the fall. Julie-Anne Roberts of solicitors’ firm Thomson and Bancks explained that Miss Gilder was entitled to compensation following the incident, on the grounds that the beer garden had not been made safe.

‘If a pub invites people in to use its beer garden the least it can do is make sure it is safe,’ she said. ‘She had not been drinking excessively and this could have been so much worse.’ Many thousands of people suffer from injuries following slips, trips and falls every year. If you have suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault, call the National Accident Helpline or claim online today.

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