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We'll assess the full impact of your groin injury

Groin injuries can happen easily in an accident. With a mass of muscle and ligaments around your upper thighs and lower torso, we know a groin injury is painful, restricts your mobility and can take time to heal. Such injuries can stop you walking, driving, going to work or taking part in sports and hobbies. At worst, a groin injury involving major physical trauma - for instance in a traffic crash or accident at work - can be life-changing.

Medical negligence can also cause groin injury due to surgical errors, delayed treatment or any other types of negligence. Doctors and hospital staff have a duty to treat you properly and if you've been injured due to their fault or negligent behaviour, then you could make a groin injury compensation claim .

No matter what the cause of your groin injury, if it happened within the last three years and was caused by somebody else, then we may be able to help you. Contact us today on for free to find out if you can claim, or try our claim checker tool.

Can I claim for a groin injury?

Yes, you can and we offer a free, confidential and no-obligation advice service. To somebody who has never claimed before, starting a claim can seem confusing, complicated and lengthy. But we aim to make the process of finding out whether you can claim as simple as possible.

Typically people can make groin injury claims if they've been in an accident within the last three years, the accident was caused by somebody else and have suffered an injury as a result. For instance, people may suffer groin pain after car accidents.

We know it may not always be clear whether somebody else was at fault for your accident. But as an expert personal injury helpline, we can let you know whether we think you have a claim.

Simply call us for a no-obligation chat on . We'll listen to your experience, ask you some questions about your accident and injury and then let you know how we can help.

Our calls are confidential, and our legally trained advisors are here to listen to the circumstances that led to your groin injury and the impact it has had on your life. If we think you may be eligible to make a claim for groin injury compensation and you'd like to go ahead, we'll connect you with one of our expert solicitors. We can usually do this on the same call if that suits you and our team is committed to getting you the best possible support.

Did you know?

The most common cause of groin injury is a muscle, tendon or ligament strain/tear - particularly in professional or recreational sports. Pain might occur immediately after a groin injury or arrive gradually over a period of weeks.

Source: Physiopedia, Groin Strains, 2021.

Was your accidental groin injury someone else's fault?

The easiest way to know for sure whether somebody is considered liable or at fault for your accident is to speak to us. As each experience is completely unique, we simply can't say for sure without speaking to you and finding out what happened to you.

Call us free on or enter your details for a free call back. Remember that all our calls are free and confidential, and you'll never be pressured into starting a claim.

If you're not ready to speak to anybody about your accident, you might like to read more about the different accident types we work with, including:

What is a groin injury?

A groin injury or strain is a tear to any of the adductor muscles in the inner sides of the upper thighs where the legs join the torso. Sudden, sharp movements or a penetrative wound will usually cause an acute groin injury. They cause pain from the lower torso and hip as far down as the knee.

They can occur in pretty much any accident scenario such as a fall, heavy lifting or road traffic accident. Athletes are particularly prone to groin injury. A groin strain isn't usually serious but severe damage to the musculature can mean a long recovery time.

What are the symptoms of a groin injury?

Groin injury symptoms range from mild to severe, depending on how serious the accident was. They include:

  • Loss of strength in the upper leg.
  • Inability to move, walk or run without pain.
  • Swelling, tenderness and bruising.
  • A snapping sound at the moment of injury.

What are the causes of groin injury?

We know that the symptoms of a groin injury can develop gradually, so you might find it difficult at first to pinpoint the cause of your injury.

Groin injuries are often caused by a large amount of strain, pressure or an impact to your thigh or groin area. Occasionally a groin injury can also be caused by your groin muscles tensing too quickly or forcefully, typically the result of a road accident or a sporting accident.

Was your groin injury caused in a sports accident?

Groin strain is most common among both professional and recreational athletes. It's often caused by straining the adductor muscle while kicking, so it's more common in the athlete's dominant leg. It can also be caused by turning quickly while running, skating, or jumping.

Any overuse of a muscle can lead to a long-term strain. Although sports are the most common cause, a groin injury can also be caused by:

If your groin injury was caused because of a faulty piece of equipment, such as a faulty weight machine, then you may be able to make a claim if the machine was not properly maintained or checked. You may also be able to make a claim if something has fallen on you, such as a netball or basketball hoop or a goal.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you make a claim if your injury was the result of normal gameplay or training.

If you've suffered a groin injury from a sporting accident, we recommend calling us to see if you have a claim. In one free call to , you can have peace of mind and get advice about your next steps and options.

You might be feeling upset and frustrated as well as in physical pain, and it's likely that you're dependent on your friends and family. We know money can't take this away, but no win no fee compensation could help you start to get things back to how they were - and ensure that you can make the best possible recovery.

Your compensation could help pay for your medical treatment, medication and rehabilitation, as well as covering lost earnings from time taken off work. It can even help you repay those around you for the time they've given.

You can get in touch with our friendly advisors for a confidential chat on . We're here to offer free, supportive advice and to let you know whether we think you can make a groin injury claim.

There are absolutely no obligations when you speak to us. We can connect you with a specialist personal injury solicitor who can guide you through the process if you choose to go ahead.

How is a groin injury diagnosed?

To diagnose whether you have a groin injury, your doctor will first want to know how your injury happened.  They'll ask you to describe what you were doing at the time of the accident, the symptoms, and whether you've had a similar injury in the past.

In addition to identifying the location of the strain, your doctor will evaluate how serious your injury is. There are three types of groin injury:

  • Grade 1: occurs when the muscle is overstretched or torn and damages up to five percent of groin muscle fibre. You may be able to walk without pain, but things like stretching, kicking, running may be painful.
  • Grade 2: is a tear that damages a significant proportion of groin muscle fibres. This may make walking painful and difficult when you bring your thighs together.
  • Grade 3: the most serious groin injury is a tear that goes through most or all of the muscle or tendon. This usually causes a sudden and severe pain at the moment of injury, all movement will be acutely painful with significant swelling and bruising. The doctor examining you may be able to feel an actual gap in the muscle when they touch the injury.

Could it be something other than a groin injury?

A groin injury can sometimes be confused with other problems. You might have suffered:

  • A stress fracture (a hairline break in your pubic bone or femur).
  • Bursitis of the hip (inflammation of the sac of fluid in the hip joint).
  • A hip sprain (inflammation or injury to the tendons or muscles of the hip).

What is the treatment for a groin injury?

The aim of medical treatment after a groin injury is to reduce pain and swelling. The first few days will usually include:

Depending on how bad your groin injury is, you may need extra treatment to speed healing. These typically include:

  • Physical therapy and massage
  • Heat therapy, stretching and electrotherapy

A grade 3 groin injury may need groin surgery to repair torn muscle fibres, especially if there's tendon damage.

How long does it take to recover from a groin injury?

Recovery time for a groin injury or strain depends on how badly you've been hurt. In general, you can estimate the level of your recovery by your level of pain. Make sure you avoid activities that cause pain.

Begin normal activities slowly and gradually. This will let your groin musculature heal fully and prevent a recurrence of your symptoms. Recovery time from groin injury will depend on how fit you were before the accident so this will vary from person to person.

As a general rule, expect to rest for several weeks before you're able to return to full activities after a groin injury.

Depending on the grade of your groin injury, the estimated recovery times are:

  • Grade 1: two to three weeks
  • Grade 2: two to three months
  • Grade 3: four months or longer

What's involved in groin injury claims?

You don't need to worry because our solicitors will negotiate your compensation on your behalf, and will keep you informed of the progress and developments of your claim.

To start your claim or to find out if you have a case, call us free on . We're here to listen and answer any questions you have about the claims process and your accident and injury.

If you're ready, we can take the hassle and legwork out of finding the right solicitor for your case. This is because we work with a network of experienced solicitors across the country, who all work to high standards of customer care that we monitor carefully.

A groin injury is typically the overstretching of the muscles in your groin area. When this stretching happens too quickly, beyond normal limits or because of an impact, this can cause the muscle tissues to tear or rupture, which is painful and can affect your mobility.

Because of the way your muscles work together and the nature and impact of many accidents, often a groin injury is one of multiple injuries caused by the same accident, such as damage to ligaments or tendons around the area, additional injuries to your thighs or hamstrings or injuries affecting your stomach muscles.

When you contact us, we'll work hard to understand the full impact of your accident and the injuries it has caused. This means if you've suffered more than one injury, we'll consider this as part of your claim.

How much groin injury compensation could you claim?

When you contact us, we'll work hard to fully understand the impact of your accident and injury, such as how it's affected your life, your loved ones and your ability to work. We collect this information so we know whether we can help you.

At the time of your call with us we're not able to advise how much your compensation might be because we simply don't know at that stage of your claim. Although your compensation is negotiated on the impact of your accident and injury, the final figure you're awarded can depend on how the other side responds to your claim and the long-term consequences of your injury to your life and your recovery.

However, our solicitors will always work to get you the maximum amount of compensation you're entitled to.

To do this, they consider and negotiate to cover the cost of:

  • Time off work and the reduced pay you've received
  • Any time off work your loved ones have had to look after you or take you to appointments
  • Medical treatment you've paid for, such as physiotherapy
  • Any future medical treatment you might need to fully recover

To get an estimate of how much your compensation might be, you can try our industry leading groin injury compensation calculator which asks you some questions about your experience and gives you a guideline figure of how you might be able to claim.

The value of a groin injury compensation claim depends on several factors, including the seriousness of your injury and its impact on your life.

The compensation you could receive could help to cover the following for both you and your family:

  • Loss of earnings due to time off work
  • The cost of medical treatment, medication and care - including prescription charges
  • Travel costs and other expenses
  • The impact on your social life, sports and hobbies
  • Your pain and suffering
  • Care, even if given for free by a friend or family member

Your specialist solicitor will aim to make sure any impacts or expenses caused by your injury are covered by your compensation. This ensures you're not left out of pocket and have the finances you need to recover.

They'll also help you make your claim on a no win no fee basis. This means that if your claim isn't successful then you won't pay a penny. If successful, you'll pay a fee to your solicitor from your compensation.

For a compensation estimate, visit our compensation calculator which gives you a guideline figure based on your answers to some simple questions.

After Amelia was injured in a car accident, she was unable to do physical jobs at work, do the housework or go to the gym.\nAmelia contacted us after visiting our website and reading our Trustpilot reviews. She was relieved when she received her settlement and since then, she's had the confidence to go back to the gym and get back to feeling like her normal self again.

Amelia's story

After Amelia was injured in a car accident, she was unable to do physical jobs at work, do the housework or go to the gym.

Amelia contacted us after visiting our website and reading our Trustpilot reviews. She was relieved when she received her settlement and since then, she's had the confidence to go back to the gym and get back to feeling like her normal self again.

How do I pay for my groin injury claim?

You do this with a no win no fee arrangement, also known as a conditional fee agreement. It's the contract between you and your no win no fee personal injury lawyer.

There are no upfront costs or hidden charges but if you win the claim, you'll be asked to pay any costs and expenses, not paid for by the other side, out of your compensation. This is likely to happen in most cases, as the other side is only required to make a contribution to your legal fees.

These costs will only be deducted when your compensation is paid, and may include:

  • A ‘success fee' which compensates the solicitor for the risk they take, as if your claim is unsuccessful they won't be paid at all
  • Any other legal costs or expenses not recovered from the other side, such as the costs of any legal expense insurance

When you start your claim, your solicitor will take out insurance protection on your behalf. This is sometimes called ATE (After The Event) insurance. If your claim is unsuccessful, then the other party's costs will be paid out of this insurance.

If you don't receive any compensation, then you won't have to pay the insurance premium. If your claim is successful, then it'll be paid out of your compensation as part of the fees.

Your solicitor will discuss this with you at the start, so you'll know what to expect when your claim settles. If you don't win your no win no fee claim, you pay nothing to anyone. It's as simple as that.

Frequently asked questions...

The figures show it's pretty unlikely. The vast majority of personal injury compensation claims are settled without a Hearing in front of a Judge. 

In most cases, your legal representatives negotiate with the other side (usually their insurance company) to reach a satisfactory compensation award and that's that. 

Where the other side accepts liability from the start, the process is quick - perhaps a couple of months. This can be known as non-fault accident compensation. If the other side denies or disputes liability (for instance where the blame is shared), a negotiated settlement is still possible. 

On rare occasions where negotiations fail without agreement, then a Court Hearing is needed.

Yes, you can. If they’re under 18, you’ll need to make the claim on their behalf. This is called being a litigation friend as is usually done by a parent, guardian or other responsible adult. You can also act as a litigation friend if your loved one has been so seriously injured that they are unable to make the claim themselves.

Compensation is always paid by the other side’s insurance company. In a road traffic accident injury claim, this will be their motor insurance company. For an injury at work, it will be employers’ liability insurer used by the firm you work for. For accidents in a public place it will be the public liability insurer of the council, business or landlord deemed legally responsible for your accident injury. This ensures no-one is hit with an unaffordable bill.

Our advice is never accept an early settlement offer from an insurance company without taking legal advice. The amount may well be lower than that to which you’re entitled. 

We’ll check your eligibility to claim and then pair you with one of our approved solicitors if you choose to proceed.

What are the time limits for groin injury compensation claims?

You usually have three years from when your groin injury occurred or when you first noticed a groin-related medical condition. There's a legal process your groin injury claims solicitor will follow, so if you're close to that three-year deadline, call us as soon as you can on.

There are some exceptions to the time limits:

  • If the claimant has limited psychological capacity, there's no time limit
  • For instance, they may have sustained a groin injury as one of many others in a serious road traffic accident
  • A parent, guardian or other legally-responsible adult can make a claim for an injured child at any time up until their 18th birthday
  • If no claim has been made, the child has three years between their 18th and 21st birthdays to make a groin injuries compensation claim

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