Care Home Claims

Sometimes care home employees fail in their duty of care to you or a loved one leading to an injury.

Many people worry that their claim will deprive others of access to care, but your claim helps improve standards

Unfortunately, sometimes the standard of care provided by care homes falls below acceptable standards. If you or a loved one have been injured, either physically or mentally, by negligence that could have been avoided in a care home, contact us today to see if you can make a medical negligence claim.

What can I make a care home claim for?

We’re usually contacted about care home claims after:

A fall or handling error has led to an injury or broken bones

Patients in care homes are often more at risk when it comes to falling, while elderly people commonly sustain more serious injuries after a fall. If people in care homes are not provided with adequate mobility aids or carefully supervised, falls can occur and they may be as a result of negligence.

Medication errors or failure to provide adequate medication

Prescriptions and medication in care homes are often organised and administered by the staff that work there. This can lead to errors as some elderly or vulnerable people may not know what the correct medication or dose of medication is, and therefore suffer harm as a result of a medication error.

Pressure sores or ulcers which have developed through poor care

Pressure sores can occur when a patient’s skin is in contact with their bed for a long period of time without being moved. Some patients in care homes are unable to move themselves, while elderly people may have illnesses which contribute to the development of sores such as diabetes or paralysis. Pressure sores are painful and also risk life-threatening infections.

If you think that you might have cause to claim, call us today free of charge on 0800 540 4258  to talk with one of our helpful advisors about making a no win no fee claim.

Claiming on behalf of a loved one

We understand that sometimes victims of medical negligence aren’t able to make their own claims and rely on family members or loved ones to claim on their behalf. Provided you have got their consent, you can proceed with a care home claim on behalf of a loved one by calling us for free on  0800 540 4258 .

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