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What is Accident Awareness Week?

Accident Awareness Week is an annual event, aiming to raise awareness around the UK about avoidable accidents and the safety measures Brits can take to prevent them.

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Every year, over four million people end up in A&E as the result of an accident. While the majority of these accidents are just an inconvenience, many people experience serious accidents that have a devastating effect on their lives, and thousands more experience loss of earnings, require short or long-term medical help or have to make significant changes to the way they live their lives.

We want to raise awareness among Brits about how easy it would be for us to avoid many accidents, by taking more care as we go about our daily lives.

From the comical to the serious, Accident Awareness Week aims to remind us to look out for ourselves and our safety.

What did we talk about during Accident Awareness Week 2016?

In October 2016, National Accident Helpline commissioned a survey of more than 2,000 people in the UK to learn more about the modern-day distractions that can put our safety at risk, on the street, in the home and at play. You can read about the results of the survey below.

We worry about children being street smart, but what about adults? We kick off Accident Awareness Week with a call to redefine ‘streetwise' for adults.

What does being ‘streetwise' mean in today's technology-heavy society? What are the new hazards facing Britons as we walk, drive and cycle the streets? From mobiles to headphones, these hazards are increasing with our love of technology.

Everyday tech dangers driving Brits to distraction:

- 46% of Brits have put themselves in danger because they've been distracted whilst walking or driving
- One quarter of 16-24 year olds say having a smart phone has made them less careful on the streets
- One in eight Brits think they are more easily distracted as an adult than they were as a child
- One in five 16-24 year olds say they are more easily distracted
- Almost one in five Brits have walked into someone or something because they were looking at their phone while walking
- One quarter of Brits said texting and using WhatsApp was the most likely cause of distraction
- 49% of 16 to 24 year olds said texting and using WhatsApp was the most likely cause of distraction

46% of brits have put themselves in danger infographic

Top tech distractions stopping Brits paying attention when out & about:

1. Texting or using WhatsApp
2. Talking on the phone
3. Using a maps app
4. Browsing social media sights or apps
5. Checking and sending personal emails
6. Taking photos
7. Checking and sending work emails
8. Listening to music, radio, audio books or podcasts
9. Playing games
10. Online shopping

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With the popularity of cookery shows and a new wave of amateur bakers, culinary experimentation is at its peak in homes across the nation. But are we staying safe while we're blending, kneading and baking?

During Accident Awareness Week 2016, we will lift the lid on the dangers British kitchen enthusiasts place ourselves in when trying to achieve the perfect Pavlova.

Bakers take care!

- One in four Brits have been inspired to bake more since the latest series of ‘Bake Off'
- One in 11 British blokes revealed that they are spending more time baking because of the show
- Young people are also having a go in the kitchen with 44% of 25 to 34 year olds inspired to bake or cook more
- Only 12% of the over 55s have been inspired to bake more
- 63% of British adults have injured themselves whilst baking or cooking in the past 12 months
- One in six Brits have sustained a burn from equipment such as an oven or a hob

63% of British adults have injured themselves whilst baking infographic

The nation's top baking blunders include:

1. Burn from equipment such as an oven/hob
2. Cut from chopping with a knife
3. Burn from hot pots and pans
4. Hitting head on a cupboard or worktop
5. Burn by hot liquids such as boiling water or oil
6. Cut or graze by a grater
7. Steam or smoke in the eyes
8. Chilli in the eyes
9. Slipping on spills on the floor
10. Tripping over obstacles in the kitchen

Ten Nation's cooking blunders infographic

We all love a good selfie, but using mobile phone and other devices without concentration can have serious consequences.

Our #SelfieSafety competition encouraged Brits to send us a selfie in a favourite UK selfie location, but also to ensure that it was taken safely.

Not so selfie-savvy Brits

  • Over half of all snappy-happy Brits have taken a selfie
  • 66% of 16 to 24 year olds have taken a selfie in the past month
  • Four in five Brits admit they don't always take care when taking selfies
  • One in nine Brits have witnessed others taking selfies in unsafe situations
  • Older Brits are the least selfie safe, with only 9% of over 55s always taking care
  • One in nine 16 to 24 year olds have hurt themselves whilst taking a selfie, or hurt someone else whilst using a selfie stick
  • Almost one fifth of Brits have dropped their phone on their face whilst lying down
One in nine 16 to 24 year olds have hurt themselves whilst taking a selfie infographic

Selfie Safety Competition

Selfie fan? Our #SelfieSafety competition gained hundreds of entries from across the UK

Congratulations to our winner, Steve Darrall, from Oswestry. You can view Steve's stunning Snowdonia selfie below, along with the competition's other shortlisted entries. You can also find some some top selfies on our Selfie Safety Pinterest board.