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01 Aug, 2008/ by National Accident Helpline /Legal and Consumer News, News

Personal Injury Claims in the News The Ministry of Justice has finally published its long-awaited response to proposals to reform personal injury claims. The Government stated that injury cases involving employers' liability and public liability (EL and PL) are significantly more complex than road traffic accident (RTA) cases, and that reforms to the claims system should be restricted to road traffic cases. National Accident Helpline welcomed the fact that the Government will preserve the role for independent legal advice at the heart of the personal injury system.

National Accident Helpline Legal Director John Campbell said: "We welcome that the Government today recognised that personal injury claims are complex, and we strongly endorse the Government's decision to ensure accident victims in EL & PL cases should have their own legal advice and support at the very start of the claims process."

However Mr Campbell did note with concern that the Government intended to keep the matter under review – and instead urged the Ministry of Justice to accept that the principle of access to justice for all is one that cannot be compromised. Read a full report, including comments from John Campbell, in The Times

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