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Engagement excellence awards 2018

16 Oct, 2018/ by Rich Watts/Latest News

We're delighted to announce that NAHL Group plc is the proud owner of two brand-new awards from the Engagement Excellence Awards 2018.

The accolades of ‘Best recognition strategy' and ‘Most effective relaunch' were presented to the group at The Roundhouse in Camden last week, presented by comedian, Joel Dommett.

Marcus, Jodie & Fiona at the awards

We've seen excellent ‘before and after' metrics in our recognition strategy shift-change by championing a value-led approach in our new people strategy since our re-brand in 2017.

The relaunch of our engagement strategy encompasses four organisations in four different locations. This means that an unwavering focus on all our employees and an overarching sense of togetherness are necessary to show that National Accident Helpline provides a working environment like no other in the industry.

Engagment awards at National accdient helpline

NAHL Group plc is honoured to have been recognised for all the hard work and dedication that has gone into this transformative era for the organisations within it.

Marcus Lamont, NAHL Group plc's Group HR Director, was thrilled with the result, saying:

We couldn't be prouder of the passion that's gone into this strategy from each and every member of our staff. Their dedication to the cause really does go above and beyond.

Winning awards like these is a deserved recognition of that determination and focus on building a sustainably engaging working environment for our employees.

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