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28 Apr, 2016/ by National Accident Helpline /Legal and Consumer News, News

A study by National Accident Helpline has lifted the lid on the extensive impact on employee health and wellbeing from workplace accidents and work-related illness. The data, gathered from employer's liability cases passed to solicitors from 2014 to 2016, reveals that accidents at work and industrial disease led to victims taking an average of 15 days off work.

At a national level, that equates to almost 1.3 million days off every year due to accidents and industrial disease in the workplace.

Yet according to a sample of over 1,200 people polled by National Accident Helpline, almost half of those in work (49%) don't feel they've had adequate health and safety training from their employer.

The data from National Accident Helpline also reveals the types of accidents, injuries and illnesses commonly occurring at work, with the top 10 recorded causes being slips, trips and falls, followed by repetitive strain injury, heavy lifting, accidents with machinery, attacks in the workplace, hearing lossvibration white finger, asbestosis and lung injury, incorrect use of ladders, and dermatitis/skin disease.

Employers and employees can find advice on workplace safety and accident prevention on the National Accident Helpline website.

Simon Trott, Managing Director at National Accident Helpline, said:

People come to us on a daily basis looking for support and guidance after a workplace accident, and unfortunately, in a number of cases, we can see that injury and harm could have been avoided.

In our busy and hectic work environments, we want to encourage people to pay attention to the potential risks around them, so we can reduce avoidable workplace accidents, and look after a healthy and productive workforce.

This World Day for Safety and Health at Work we want employees to feel empowered to raise any concerns they may have, and to be assured that their health and wellbeing should come first.

For employers, it's important to recognise the serious consequences to your business of potential workplace hazards. Investing the time in identifying and mitigating potential hazards within your workplace is critical to ensuring the health and wellbeing of your staff, and providing your workforce with the assurance that they are coming to work in a safe environment each day.

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