Report nuisance callers

Cold calling is a real nuisance – find out how and where to report nuisance calls and what we’re doing to stop it.

What are nuisance calls?

Have you ever answered your phone to be told about an accident you never had, or had someone try and sell you insurance for a car you don’t even own?

Many of us receive these types of calls, texts and emails every day. They’re annoying, unwanted and, over time, they can become distressing.

These are nuisance calls and a form of spam marketing. The unethical companies that cold call often target elderly and vulnerable people and we believe, very strongly, that this has to stop.

That’s why we’re taking action against nuisance calls.

I've had cold calls from you before

Unfortunately, many companies pretend to be us.

We’ve heard stories from many of you who have been called, texted or emailed from people claiming to be National Accident Helpline.

We never cold call, or send spam texts or emails, and we are campaigning to put an end to this behaviour. If you’ve been cold called by somebody claiming to be National Accident Helpline, you can report it via our cold calling page.

What are we doing about cold calling?

We’re speaking out against nuisance calls and making sure you know where to go to report these dishonest companies.

Our recent independent survey showed that two thirds of the population don’t know where to report a cold call or spam text.

That’s why we’re campaigning to Stop Nuisance Calls.

We’re calling upon the government to take action against cold calls and spam marketing in our 3-step action plan.

As part of the campaign, we’re requesting that the government:

  • Sets up a one-stop complaints process
  • Takes stronger legal action against cold calls from international and domestic numbers
  • Implements clear, simple and consistent ‘opt-ins’ to email marketing or calls

You can read more about our Stop Nuisance Calls campaign here.

How can I report a cold call?

If you are being cold called, make sure you complain! The more people who stand up against this type of nuisance marketing, the more likely it is to be stamped out.

Reporting cold calls, spam texts and spam emails really does help tackle the issue.

When people make an official complaint, regulators can take action more effectively against these companies. As the number of official complaints rises, government and businesses are more likely to take notice and action.

Ethical Marketing Charter

We’ve also founded the Ethical Marketing Charter. The Ethical Marketing Charter encourages personal injury organisations to sign up to ethical marketing practices. This includes committing to never cold calling or sending spam texts or emails.

Read about our Ethical Marketing Charter and see which companies have signed up.

Make your complaint heard

If you have a complaint about a claims company, you can contact the Claims Management Regulator.

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