I agree for National Accident Helpline to contact me.


Suzie was walking home after going out for a meal when she fell on uneven paving. The accident left her on crutches and unable to work.

This led to Suzie struggling to pay the bills, which left her stressed and having to borrow money in order to make ends meet.

Her injury limited her mobility and, as a mother-of-two, she found it difficult to look after her children as she usually would.

I had to be driven everywhere, I had to give up work for a while. I couldn't dress my children, couldn't bath them, and couldn't walk my dogs.

Suzie called us to help her make it right and we put her in contact with a specialist solicitor who handled her case from start to finish. 

When her compensation was paid, Suzie was able to repay the money she had borrowed to pay her bills and get life back to normal.