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Accident Awareness Week: Toolkit

The first Accident Awareness Week launches 9th – 13th November 2015.

How you can get involved and spread the message

This campaign from National Accident Helpline is all about raising awareness about the risk of accidents in everyday life, and the potentially devastating impact they can have.

We all suffer accidents from time to time. In fact over four million Brits end up in A&E as the result of an accident every year. But while the majority of these are just an annoyance or an inconvenience, many people experience serious accidents that have a devastating effect on their lives, and thousands more experience loss of earnings, require short- or long-term medical help or have to make significant changes to the way they live their lives as a result.

Accident Awareness Week is an opportunity to share with your members, readers and supporters the potential impact of accidents, and what they can do to avoid them.

What is happening during Accident Awareness Week?

  • National Accident Helpline is launching a piece of research into how accident-prone Brits are navigating modern life.
  • NAH and its partners will be sharing news and stories on websites, via social media and through events in order to raise awareness about the risk of accidents and what people can do to avoid them
  • On Friday 13th November, NAH will be driving a large-scale consumer stunt to raise awareness about Accident Awareness Week.

What can I do to support Accident Awareness Week?

  • Share the results of our research with your audience, either in an e-newsletter, on your website or via social media
  • Write a blog about the importance of accident awareness
  • Write a fun story about silly accidents; perhaps poll your team to see what their most embarrassing accident was and how they won’t risk doing it again!
  • Ask your audience (via social media or other comms) what their most embarrassing accident was
  • Share the hashtag (#AccidentAwareness) in your communications on Twitter
  • Support our consumer activity via your communications outreach
  • Reference Accident Awareness Week in media interviews 
  • Download our logos below 

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Supporting facts/ statistics for Accident Awareness Week

  • Over 4 million people visit A&E as the result of an accident each year*
  • More than 14,000 people die as a result of accidents across the UK each year**
  • Accidental injuries are the leading cause of preventable, premature mortality in the UK, accounting for nearly a quarter (23%) of all preventable years of life lost in 2010 to people up to the age of 60**
  • Only 56% of people claimed for compensation when the accident was someone else’s fault. The remainder are living with their injuries and the consequences without receiving support
  • 57% of people made sacrifices or lifestyle changes as a result of their personal injury (defined as an injury suffered through no fault of an individual’s own), including giving up or reducing the amount of exercise they take, using alternative transport, reducing time spent on hobbies, cancelling children’s activities, and in some cases, moving house to accommodate needs
  • Most than one-fifth of those with a personal injury were off work for more than a month and 8% off for more than three months
  • Over half (58%) of those who suffered a personal injury while employed suffered some loss of earnings and almost one in five (17%) calculated their loss to be over £1,000, with some losing even more

* Hospital Episode Statistics: Accident and Emergency Attendances in England, 2013-14 (255,964  attendances  due to road traffic accidents; 3,860,161 attributed to ‘other accident’ and 348,807 to sports injuries).


All other statistics sourced from independent research carried out on behalf of National Accident Helpline by Populus for The Real Cost of Personal Injury 2014