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Surfing man stood on beach

Meet Ben

After an accident at work, Ben’s injury stopped him being able to do the thing he loves the most – bodyboarding. His injury took away his hobby and his peace of mind.

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Kevin laughing

Kevin’s accident

Kevin’s ankle injury left him unable to work and put financial pressure on him to provide for his family while he recovered. It also meant he was stuck inside.

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Teusday outside smiling

Teusday’s story

Teusday’s injury affected not only her life, but the life of her family too because she was unable to stand and play with her children. Unable to cook or join in with family time, Teusday contacted us.

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Larissa smiling on high street

Larissa’s story

After a head injury caused by a falling shop sign, Larissa suffered from a concussion for months. She contacted us for help.

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Meet Andrew

Andrew’s injury required surgery and 12 weeks off work to recover. Not being able to play with his kids felt unfair. As did walking and moving with constant pain.

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David smiling in garden

David’s accident

Everyday tasks become difficult with a broken wrist, like opening tins or bottles and washing yourself. David’s road accident made life tough and took away his ability to ride his motorbike.

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Dean smiling near fence

Dean’s story

Dean’s accident happened while he was at work. Using some new facilities that hadn’t been properly installed Dean fell, injuring his hip and suffering cuts to his back.

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Katie’s story

When Katie’s appendix burst and went unnoticed, both she and her mum feared long-term consequences. Katie’s Mum contacted us for help.

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