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10 Nov, 2015/ by National Accident Helpline /Company Announcements, News

•    Almost 1 in 3 Brits feel they are accident prone
•    Technology-related mishaps affect 41% of us, with number rising to 84% for 16-24 year olds
•    Huge range of avoidable injuries taking place in and outside UK homes
•    Figures released to mark UK's first Accident Awareness Week

We've all been there: walking into a lamppost when checking your phone, or stepping on an upturned plug - just two of the daily hazards tripping up accident-prone Brits. New research released today by National Accident Helpline reveals the modern menaces facing the nation on a daily basis, and the avoidable accidents that occur as a result.

The study of 2,200 people, carried out by Censuswide for National Accident Helpline to mark the UK's first ever Accident Awareness Week, reveals that nearly 1 in 3 (30%) Brits believe they are accident-prone. That number rises to 60% of young people aged 16-24.

Of those Brits questioned, 41% have suffered a technology-related scrape, with 16-24 year-olds even more susceptible to technology mishaps:

•    Over one in ten Brits (13%) have walked into someone whilst checking their mobile phone, with the figure rising to 43% for those aged 16-24
•    Mobile-phone related injuries are not just confined to being out and about. 60% of young people have dropped their phone on their face while reading it lying down

The research paints the picture of a nation embracing contemporary life, but dogged by a striking variety of avoidable accidents - in most cases minor, but which can sometimes have a serious impact. Respondents cited mishaps including:

•    Injuries inflicted by selfie sticks
•    Falling off a hover board
•    Getting hit by a popping Prosecco cork
•    Being injured by a vegetable spiralizer or other kitchen gadget
•    Suffering a chilli burn to the eye
•    Getting stuck in a yoga position
•    Falling off gym equipment such as treadmills or balance balls, or being hit by a gym weight

Russell Atkinson, CEO of National Accident Helpline, said: 

"We all have a tale to tell of the accidents that happen as we go about our daily lives, whether it's stepping on an upturned plug, or cutting ourselves while preparing food a little too enthusiastically with the latest kitchen gadget. 

"But whilst minor accidents can be the cause of amusement for our friends and family, many people experience far more serious accidents that have a devastating effect on their lives.

"We have launched Accident Awareness Week to help prevent the many avoidable accidents that happen every year in the UK. In our fast-moving world of smart phones and other gadgets and gizmos, we're encouraging people to pay a little more attention to the potential risks around them, so we can reduce avoidable accidents and get on with enjoying all the great things that modern life has to offer."  


Accident Awareness Week takes place from 9th - 13th November. To find out more about keeping safe, visit national-accident-helpline.co.uk/news/accident-awareness-week for tips and advice from our expert team and partners.

You can also follow us on Twitter @NatAccHelpline and find us on Facebook.

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Notes to editors

The survey of 2,247 British people was commissioned by National Accident Helpline and carried out by Censuswide in October 2015.

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