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Car Accident Claims

We'll guide you through the process of making a car accident claim.

Claiming car accident compensation

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, we know how distressing that can be and understand how important it is to get you back to your daily life as quickly as possible.  We are here to help you make a successful car accident claim.

Your compensation could help you cover the cost of any medical treatment you need or have had as a result of your accident. It could also help you recover any lost earnings if you’ve had to take time off work as a result of your car accident.

You can contact us on 0800 540 4258 for free today, and we’ll listen to everything you have to say about your experience and give you advice about starting your compensation claim. During your call, we’ll let you know if we think you have a claim and will be able to answer any questions you might have. And when you do call us, you’re under no obligation to start your claim.

How to start your car accident claim

Starting a claim is simple. If you think you have a claim, you can contact our legally trained advisors for free on 0800 540 4258 . Or you can request a call back.

When you contact us, we’ll talk with you about your accident to find out what happened, answer any questions you have and then let you know if we think you have a claim. If you do have a claim, and want to continue, we’ll talk through the next steps with you and transfer you to a specialist solicitor.

You’re under no pressure to start your claim when you do call us, so if we let you know you have a claim but you don’t feel ready to start the process, you can always contact us again later when you’re ready to start your journey to compensation.

We also don’t want you to feel confused by legal jargon when you contact us or work with one of our solicitors. So we simply present you with the facts and ensure that you feel comfortable and well informed through every step. We want to make sure that things are as simple as possible for you so that you can focus on your recovery.

Lawyer Natalie Argyle explains how National Accident Helpline will put you in touch with a solicitor who will guide you through every step of your claim.


Accident claims for other road users

Car accidents don’t just affect those behind the wheel. They impact anyone who uses the road, including passengerscyclists  and pedestrians. So don’t worry if your car accident didn’t involve two cars, it’s likely we can help you and we have already helped hundreds of people like you to claim compensation in our  years of experience.

What’s involved in claiming?

If you’re eligible and choose to go ahead, we will start the process to getting your life back on track.

First, our advisors will find the right solicitor for you. If possible, they’ll transfer you to your solicitor during the same call. Your solicitor will then give you a free legal consultation on the next steps of your claim.

They will then make contact with the other party and speak with them on your behalf so that you get the compensation you deserve for your injury, without the stress of speaking to the other party.

During your claim your solicitor will be your point of contact and will keep you up-to-date throughout the claims process. They’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have as your claim progresses.

Find out more about the high standards we hold our solicitors to.

All about no win no fee

We handle each car accident claim on a no win no fee basis. This means that if your claim is not successful, you will not be charged any money, so you will never be left out of pocket.

Our no win no fee agreement means that there is no risk in making a claim. There are no hidden charges or upfront costs, so you can rest assured that making a claim will not leave you at a loss.

We make sure that there are no surprises along the way. If your claim is successful, you’ll already know how much you will pay because you’ll have discussed this with your solicitor when your claim began.

There are rare occasions where we’re unable to offer a no win no fee agreement. If this applies to you, your solicitor will let you know before you start your claim.

Who can claim compensation?

As long as the accident happened within the last three years and it was not your fault, there is a very good chance we will be able to help you.

If someone under the age of 18 was injured in a car accident, then a parent or guardian must make the claim for them. Learn more about claiming on behalf of a child.

We appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether or not an accident was your fault, but our legally trained advisors will be able to let you know if they think you have a claim. Call us now on 0800 540 4258  for free, confidential advice, with no obligation to claim.

In the rare occasion where we’re unable to offer a no win no fee agreement, your solicitor will let you know before you start your claim

Were your injuries caused by another motorist?

If your injuries were caused by another motorist, the claim will be made against their insurance company.

If you were injured by an uninsured driver or involved in a hit and run there is still no need to worry. In these cases, car accident compensation is paid by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB).

All motor insurance companies in the UK have to pay into the MIB each year to cover the cost of road accidents caused by uninsured drivers or drivers who can’t be traced after an accident.

Find out more about who pays your road accident compensation.

Paul contacted us when he suffered a serious eye injury in a car accident that wasn’t his fault.


Accidents and injuries caused by road conditions

We understand that accidents can happen because of road conditions or other environmental factors which are out of your control.

If your accident was caused by potholes or cracks in the road then a claim will be made against the Highways Agency or your local council, because they are responsible for making sure that the roads are kept in good condition.

Someone is responsible for every stretch of road and pavement, so if it is not kept safe for road users and pedestrians and you are injured because of this, then you may be owed compensation.

Common injuries from car accidents include whiplash injuriesback injuries and brain and head injuries.

Whatever the cause, if you’ve been in a car accident in the last three years and it wasn’t your fault, our expert legal advisors are on hand to help.

Serious or life changing injuries

If you’ve suffered a serious injury as a result of a car accident, we know that this can have a huge impact on your life and we’re very sorry you’ve had to go through such a traumatic experience.

We’ve helped hundreds of people through difficult times by getting them the compensation they deserve after suffering a serious injury. We know that getting compensation takes some of the stress out of recovering. It can help you to pay for medical treatment and it could cover the cost of having to take time off work. It could also cover any other costs which your injury may have caused to you or your family.

Sadly, we can’t stop serious injuries from happening, but we can work with you to help you to get things back on track. Getting compensation for your serious injury means that you’ll have less to worry about.

Visit our serious injuries page for more information on how we can help you.

What to do if you’ve had a car accident

We understand that being in a car accident is a shocking and upsetting experience, and we are here to help you through the process of getting the compensation you deserve.

After an accident, it’s normal to feel shaken up, but if you are fit to do so, remembering to take the following actions after an accident can help with your claim:

  • Collect the contact information of those involved
  • Collect the registration numbers of the vehicles involved
  • Collect any witness statements, if possible
  • Take photographs of the accident and any damage

If you’ve been injured in a road accident, you will need to report this to your insurers and if you’re unable to exchange details at the time of the accident then you should report your accident to the police within 24 hours.

It can also be useful to ask for the official police report if the police were contacted about your accident.

If you had any medical treatment because of your accident, any details of this will also help your car accident claim.

We know how difficult it can be to collect this information, so don’t worry if you’re missing some of it. Any details you can give will help your solicitor with your car accident claim.

Why choose National Accident Helpline?

At National Accident Helpline, we’re proud to offer more than just a compensation service. First and foremost, we are here to help, and our advice is completely free.

Our advisors go through an intensive training programme so that they are qualified to give you the best possible advice. Even if you’re not ready to make a claim we are always here to listen, so if you have any questions or just want to chat about your accident you can call us on  0800 540 4258 .

Hear from our legal service advisors about the support we offer.


Looking for advice?

You can call our friendly, legally trained advisors on 0800 540 4258  if you have any questions about whether you are eligible to make a claim or about our claims process. They are available 24/7 and there’s no obligation to claim.

Your phone call is confidential and your details won’t be passed onto a solicitor without your permission. Our service is completely free and our advisors have spoken to hundreds of people like you about their accidents so they understand what you are going through and are always here to listen.

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